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“You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences.”


            So far, the hurricane did not do much to Ironwood, and on the day of the hurricane, as the skies were opening up, the Farmhouse was doing deep clean. Both crews did pretty good and, even though we could not go outside to release some energy, we still completed deep clean in a short period of time which meant we had some free time afterwards. During this long extended free period of time, the house crew watched about three to four movies. They were mostly horror movies. While everyone was doing that, I went into my room with an amplifier and an electric guitar and played some songs. By the time I was done with that, everything with the barn and house was done. For the rest of the day, we all did many different things to occupy ourselves. Some of those things were watching more movies and playing games. Knowing that I would not want much part in that, I went back into my room and played some more electric guitar. 

Sunday went well and was full of fun and time-consuming events. Some went on a field trip, but I had fun on campus doing activities such as playing the play station 5, playing electric guitar and watching tutorials on songs I wanted to learn. This weekend was fun. What will happen next no one knows, but I can’t wait because every day at Ironwood is a new adventure to start full of new experiences and events.

Monday is turning out to be pretty chill and relaxing. Most of the barn crew has started something new, such as pom-pom making. At first it was very fun, and then things got interesting when people started mass producing them. Then there was a time when they were throwing them at each other. It was so much fun that on Thursday people are still making them! On Wednesday, there were two send ups, one from the bunk one and one from bunk two. That night was so much fun. We all stayed outside to play volleyball and just hang out. I would say this week is going pretty good, and with each new day is a new adventure. 

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