Ironwood Maine Web Update

 “I am just thankful I’m surrounded by good people.”

Jon Pardis

    What is something you’re thankful for? Well, I am thankful for the amazing activities that took place over family weekend and Thanksgiving. It has been a busy time for both Frye and Farmhouse campuses. We have all worked together to enjoy this special time of year.

    The Farmhouse community is somewhat small and Frye is growing. Over Family Weekend everyone was so excited to see their parents, and within those 48 hours a lot happened. On the first day, we had some amazing groups, including Art. The next day, some of the Farmhouse students performed in a talent show. There were outstanding performances and they touched a lot of hearts. Manager Alex had an Experiential that involved making some fast cars. The families worked together to build the cars and then they raced them. The winners had their photos taken by Alex and Chris J, whose photography skills were so good that, “If they were any better there would be two of them!” On Monday, Chris P. led Experiential. He put posters up with questions about how Family Weekend went. He had every student go up and write an answer to each one. Overall, students had a lot of positive things to say about Family Weekend.

    Thanksgiving is a time to practice gratitude; it is a time to appreciate all the things you have in the moment. For Thanksgiving, the house crew made food for both the Farmhouse and for Frye. The amazing Jen came in and she made some homemade pies with the students. They made chocolate pie and pumpkin pie. After a delicious dinner, we relaxed and watched movies. On Sunday, some students went sledding and found a snow ramp. It was a great day to have fun outside.

    Some fun things have happened within these past two weeks here at Ironwood, and they brought happiness and joy with a lot of positive energy in the air. After all, these weeks have been all about being grateful and enjoying the moment with families and with peers. We hope to continue this gratitude through the holiday season and into New Year.