Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

            Ironwood has taught generations of both families and residents about the truth of patience. Everyday students are challenged, reflecting, and practicing the commonly preached seven letter word. As seasons change, turning from the orchestra of birds to a biting breeze that greets the eager at the front door, now is when we begin to see the world sleep and prepare for an intermission. We wait for the mud that makes our tires spin and the bees that tend too chase us for being to close to the barely awoken flowers. But without realizing, we wait and reflect, practicing our patience to enjoy the ever going change of life once more. 

            Students of Ironwood also reflect. As holidays approach we become eager to move on, setting goals that are out of reach, yet believing we are destined to achieve in the current moment. In a way, our sense of time disappears, allowing motivation to be fostered and patience to be lost. Thanksgiving is celebrated with our Ironwood family, people we watch grow and change becoming who they have always wanted to be. We have learned the importance of being grateful for every moment of our ever growing selves. The time now comes for a day where we are grateful with more than just our community but the inter-woven cultures that surround us. 

            Campus has begun the process of waking up from the enthusiastic exhaustion of family weekend. Like the transition of seasons, the groups are always changing. On Tuesday we celebrated an afternoon graduation of a Farmhouse Upstairs member. Stories were told and the great impacts of the program were shared. In this time, we were yet again reminded of the power of patience. The graduate shared words of hope and encouragement for those moving forward. The group is now patiently waiting for our farmhouse family to grow again. Frye has found motivation and encouragement, not only from the graduation but also family weekend. Students continue to complete goals, using what they’ve learned to move them forward in not only their programs but their lives. As Thanksgiving approaches we become eager to taste the slice of home we sometimes crave. 

            This week has been rather unconventional in comparison to previous weeks, meaning no therapeutic groups have happened quite yet. But, we have been able to serve our community by working on the Farm House garden and taking care of the rosemary plant that resides in the warmth of the house. This weekend brings another deep clean to ensure our spaces are well kept and time to recollect and reflect. As we pass a day that reminds us of the simpler times, we will no longer move at the pace of the whipping wind surrounding the campus. Instead, we will become the slow ripple of the admin pond, patiently waiting for the ice to thaw.  

Have a great weekend!