Ironwood Maine Web Update

July is here and with it comes the heat! Our students and staff had a busy week that included a weekend wilderness trip, a graduation and 4th of July festivities. We indulged in good food, water balloon fights, comradery and a campus wide game of capture the flag! One aspect of our Independence Day celebrations included a memorable flag lowering ceremony led by a veteran service member and attended by both the Farm House and Frye students.

As I sat down and contemplated the 4th of July, my mind was drawn to words like revolution, freedom and liberty. I reflected upon what these words mean for our nation; how we obtained these ideals and the battles that were fought by those who came before us, the sacrifices that were made. Digging deeper, I started to question what meaning that these concepts held forme and how they have impacted my life as well as the lives of our students.

I recognized that while our students aren’t expected to be ready to assemble and serve their country at a minute’s notice, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting wars of their own. I see battles waged daily all around our beautiful campus in the hearts and minds of the youth we serve. Our students are fighting to free themselves of depression, anxiety, addiction and old thinking patterns. Each day brings a new opportunity to gain ground or take rest and recuperate from the effort of a battle well fought. These battles are real and they are supported by the sacrifices that their families make, back home.

Some of these sacrifices and battles won clearly came to fruition last week as we promoted 4 students to level 4 and said goodbye to another after a moving graduation this week. We sure did enjoy our 4th of July week and hope that you and yours did, as well.​  Have a restful weekend.