Ironwood Maine Web Update

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their attitude.”

Oprah Winfrey

            One of the skills we learn at Ironwood is radical acceptance. In my nine months here, I’ve found that residents begin to progressively develop this skill over time. When I was a level 1 resident, I got frustrated and was disrespectful to staff, but eventually I realized that in order to progress in my program and be successful in life I need to accept the things I cannot control. This skill is very important for families because they need to be accepting of other family members’ choices as long as the family dynamic and they themselves are healthy. It is important to make choices that don’t harm your family. Accepting mistakes and things that you cannot control from other members of the family are also important to building a healthy family relationship. Prior to being at Ironwood, I have personally used this skill a few times at work and at school and was able to accept certain things I could not control. However, I would still get mad, leave the situation completely, and/or argue.

            I know that now I will be able to use radical acceptance to help me move forward in life.  I realize that I am at school to learn and I am at work to get paid. I also will keep in mind, it’s important to sometimes reject things that are unacceptable while accepting things that aren’t harming to yourself or others. I’ve learned that people really would benefit from this skill being learned, as it will help you be successful in life. From first-hand experience, it is a very big waste of energy to continuously be mad over things that you cannot control because you can’t change how people act. However, you can change how you react, and how you react will decide your future. The value of radical acceptance will help your life in many ways. If you combine that with hard work and focus, then you will be successful.