Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Champions get up when they can’t”


Another week at Ironwood has passed, and with this another resident has graduated. A graduation from Ironwood is nothing short of astounding and should be cherished, celebrated, and remembered throughout one’s entire life. Residents are celebrating all the things they have overcome and learned while being at Ironwood.  Having the support from everyone around you is always nice to see. 

The first graduation that I went to was back in last August of 2020. When I walked through the schoolhouse door I saw someone sitting in a nice comfortable chair in the front, and everyone else was in the back. The residents were sitting in chairs closest to the graduate and the staff were standing all around the schoolhouse. I really did not know how anything worked so I just sat there waiting for it all to happen. This graduation did not really motivate me to go back home, but it was a great reminder that no one is here forever. The graduation that really hit me hard was when one of my close friends, who helped me and supported me, was going home. I said my true feelings and emotions towards that person. At the end of his graduation, I was thinking to myself that “I can do it.”

Now that I am in blue and thinking back to my first graduation that I attended while being in orange and having no hope to go home, I am realizing that I soon will be sitting in the very same chair that the graduate was sitting in on my first graduation. It is almost like I have switched roles with someone. It turns out I have just done a whole lot of good work over the past year. I am very close to going back home to my family where I know I belong. Now, I have the hope things are going to be a lot different between my family and me, and that I will not make the same mistakes I did leading up to coming to Ironwood. 

The last and final thing that I would like to say to everyone is that I know as families it is really hard having your kid at Ironwood. It was one of the hardest decisions that my parents have ever made and will ever make. They did it purely out of love though and they made the choice because they did not have any choices left. I love my family. While being at Ironwood, I have unlocked some amazing aspects about my life. One of the biggest things I have learned is to not compare myself to others and instead look within myself to find the things that I love doing and the things that I am good at. I should cherish these amazing qualities about myself. My journey at Ironwood has also been a lot about not shutting down in moments where I feel like I am worthless and nothing matters anymore. I am learning to not let rejection shape my world.  Life is a hard and wonderful place. I am happy to be living in this world and trying to find the very best version of who I am.