Ironwood Maine Web Update

If there are obstacles, the shortest line between two points may be the crooked one.

Berolt Brecht

            I am going to talk about the obstacles that people are overcoming and have overcome this week. 

            The Frye campus has a few recent developments. A student is moving up to the Farmhouse today. We will celebrate this transition by gathering for the send up and cheering him on. This person has overcome many challenges and worked on himself a lot to achieve this goal. At the Farmhouse, two students are graduating the program. One person is graduating next Monday and I am graduating on the next day.  Graduations are a time to reflect on a resident’s Ironwood journey and to be grateful for the support received and progress made.  I have always been inspired when I attend a graduation, and I know that graduations can help residents to refocus the resolve they have to finish their program.

            One therapeutic group that had a significant impact on me and the Farmhouse residents was Experiential Therapy on Monday. We talked about how the group was functioning and different ways to improve on our areas of focus. We also talked about ways to keep the group functioning well.  By communicating clearly and demonstrating personal accountability, we can achieve more together. This therapy helped us to work better as individuals and as a group by strengthening our abilities to overcome obstacles.

An enrichment activity we benefited from was Art. I don’t know about you, but I am not someone who particularly enjoys Art or someone who would take interest in Art before coming to Ironwood. Surprisingly, I have taken some interest in Art here because our art teacher, Melanie, teaches us so well. Melanie’s classes are very fun and we are taught lots about all different types of art. From last Family Weekend to now, we have learned about the color theory and the color wheel. Recently we have been working on an Impressionistic painting. My painting might not be glorious, but I am sure proud of the work I put in it. Kudos to Melanie for facilitating such an amazing Art class!

            In conclusion, Ironwood has done remarkable work in bringing out the best in us.  I am proud of the work that the students are putting into their programs and how they are progressing with their lives.  We are learning how to overcome obstacles, both individually and as a group, and these are skills that will serve us well for the rest of our lives.