Ironwood Maine Web Update

            In this weekly update for the week of Monday July 19, 2021, I, a level four resident residing in the Lakehouse, will be going over a summary of what I observed throughout the Farmhouse and Lakehouse campuses. It has been a busy week with many transitions.

            On Monday afternoon, at around 1:00 PM, a resident graduated the Ironwood program after eleven months. The Ironwood community of residents and staff wished her the best of luck in her journey. At around 4pm that same day, the Lakehouse community had a therapeutic group with therapist Christa. The topics were self-worth, and relating to others. On Tuesday, shortly after lunch, the Lakehouse group traveled to Blue Alpaca Farm in Belfast. We tended to the alpacas by cleaning up their living area, putting up new fences, and adding hay and water to the barns. There was a 6 day old alpaca at farm the day we visited. The creature is around two feet tall and 14 pounds; absolutely adorable!

            Some recent changes that have occurred in the Farmhouse community have been that two level two residents advanced to level three, coming from Frye. It is always a vibrant celebration when residents come make the journey from lower to upper campus. The Lakehouse welcomed a new resident who is at level three. The transition has been flawless as if he had always been at the Lakehouse.

            One group that had a significant impact on me this week was the transitions group. This occurred on Thursday with house group going first and the barn group second. The session was addressing the transition from being Sue’s group, to the new therapist Jennifer’s. Questions were asked as this one example, “What is needed in the weekly session to be beneficial for the Ironwood residents?” The topic/activity that both groups went over was “15 Relationship TRUTHS for Tough Times”, which I thought was very beneficial because all of the information was, you guessed it… True! 

            The enrichment group that the Farmhouse had this week was art with Melanie! The group was assigned to do an impressionist style painting. Students all painted a road in Maine, with mountains and trees in the background. One resident stated how he learned how different colors can add to the texture of a painting. Colin says the group had a positive effect on him.

            The end of the week saw a resident graduate the program and high school. Many students continue to earn their high school diplomas while also completing the requirements of the program.

The Farmhouse garden is absolutely blooming yielding some extremely delicious organic herbs, fresh lettuce, and arugula for the salads that are consumed twice daily! The garden looks absolutely breathtaking from an outside view. The outdoor crew has been doing a great job on the upkeep. All residents are working extremely hard,  very motivated to get to level four, and later move on to graduate the program. To conclude this weekly update, the week has gone well!