Ironwood Maine Web Update

This week was centered on family and our Ironwood community as a whole. To start the week off, we had “Fun in the Sun” day to celebrate the 4th of July. This event was really special because all of the Ironwood campuses spent time together the whole day. This gave the residents an opportunity to connect with people who they may have never met before and allowed for all of the campuses to connect on a much deeper level. The day involved a 5k run for charity to support our fallen soldiers and the Travis Mills Foundation. After the 5k, the students were split into groups and had the opportunity to enjoy various activities. The activities included a waterslide, a tie dye station, as well as a showing of the the movie, ‘Sandlot’.

Throughout the day, one could see how much fun everyone was having, as well as how many new connections were being made. One of our Lakehouse residents stated, “How influential it was to be able to really spend time with residents who just arrived and how she was able to simply enjoy time getting to know a bunch of different people.” 

Overall, Monday was simply a fun day for the residents to get out and have “Fun in the Sun”. As the week moved along, residents started to get more involved in helping each other out as well as in their own programs. Recovery, a therapy group at the Farmhouse, was very beneficial this week. Two recovery plans were shared and they were impactful to the people who listened. Recovery plans as a whole help a student as well as the people around them think in depth about their plan for coming home and what the challenges for them might be.  A Farmhouse resident stated that the recovery plans help “set you up for success and gain support from your peers.” He could not be more correct as the recovery plan is just one of the many things at Ironwood that really helps set up the student for the future. 

Not only did the residents get outside on Monday, but both the Farmhouse and Frye groups have been working on their respective gardens. The students are out in the gardens almost every single day taking really good care of it.  All of their hard work is paying off as they have been enjoying fresh arugula, lettuce, sugar snap peas, basil, cilantro, oregano, and blueberries. 

There is also a new group coming to Ironwood called WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). Ian will be the facilitator of this at various campuses. He explains WRAP as an action plan that is in a few different steps. The first part is working on daily maintenance tools which are best explained as things that people like to do to keep themselves well. Then, it goes over what it looks like when you are well and what you can choose to do to stay well. The next part explains the things that people will avoid and stay away from to be healthy. These include stressors, warning signs, signs for breaking down, and finally your crisis plan if needed. Next, is an action plan that deals with each of these challenges.  Finally, comes “your wellness, your way” which is a section on being happy and creating a healthy life that makes you happy. 

Overall, this week at Ironwood has been very eventful and there are many things to look forward to in the near future. Not only that, but the residents have become closer to each other from the various events throughout the week. 

*Many thanks to this week’s level 4 Lakehouse resident for authoring our weekend update.  This young man is finding his stride and stepping up often, taking on responsibilities while also planning for and on his future.  He is also a positive presence in our community and how can we not appreciate time with those who are upbeat, supportive and hopeful.  I’ll take more of that any day of the week.

Happy summer!