Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Success is best when it’s shared.”

Howard Schultz, CEO., Starbucks

            At all campuses at Ironwood, residents have been motivating others to do their best even when they feel at their worst. Residents in all levels of the programs have shown compassion to those who are struggling, including themselves. Many new residents have entered the program with some hesitation, but that hesitation has quickly turned into motivation to have a productive lifestyle.

             As I mentored down at Frye, I saw an overwhelming amount of encouragement and support to those who have been struggling by fellow peers. As new residents first joined the group, they were welcomed and listened to. Although the first transition to Ironwood can be hard, and frustrations are expressed, peers are open to listening and sharing the ways that they got through those initial thoughts and feelings. The girls’ group down at Frye has had numerous intakes and has had to make strong efforts to be all inclusive, which has been going well. As I spoke to a newer resident she expressed her concerns about the program’s length, approach, and the work that comes with completing it. Even though many other Frye residents have had those reservations, they were extremely uplifting and shared many motivational words, which also gave a sense of internal encouragement. Motivation at level 1 and 2 can be very hard to obtain with such a strong enforced structure. However, many residents are using that as motivation to move through the program and make sure that they are ready for the next level so that they can keep those privileges that they gain. 

            At the Farmhouse, house-leads, garden-leads, and barn-leads have been taking their position seriously and have been frequently expressing gratitude to their peers. Farmhouse residents are also moving forward in their programs with 2 new blues! Several Graduations are also occurring within the next week! Residents that have recently transitioned to the Farmhouse or returned, have also experienced open arms and helping hands from their senior peers. As some residents have been struggling with their own program, they have been able to successfully push through the negativity in their head by remembering and tuning into their values and purpose, which has also been a focus in one of our therapeutic groups. 

            The Lake House has had several accomplishments with volunteer opportunities being put in place, a new blue, and enthusiasm around mentoring and helping our local community. This weekend the Lake House and Farmhouse will have a joint field trip to a Sea Dogs’ baseball game and have a celebratory pizza party at the Lake House by the water! Many steps have been taken to integrate the Lake House residents and the Ironwood campuses. These steps include rotating boys and girls going down to Frye to mentor during the lunch block every week, having joint field trips, and having more frequent interactions with both of the other campuses to build a stronger feeling of community. 

            All three campuses at Ironwood have been able to express their motivations and encourage others to do the same. During this past week, I have seen a lot of soul searching and insight being shown at all levels of the program. As residents are moving forward and working on their goals Ironwood as a whole has been supportive and shown pride in being able to see and be a part of all aspects of their journeys. 

*It’s such a treat to read an update from a senior resident (like this one), because it reflects back some on the growth that has taken place over her vert personal Ironwood journey.  These kids (like our author) are remarkable in their ability to transition to a place of greater openness…they are resilient and they are smiling more with every passing month.  They are also learning that you CAN create a better world for yourself, especially when you make an effort to put back into it, as much as you take out.  Our residents are an in interesting bunch these days with plenty of promise…and a handsome bunch as well!!  Have a great weekend and keep sending your love and support our way. 😊