Ironwood Maine Web Update

“I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

Benjamin Franklin

Recently, the IW schedule has changed. We now wake up at 6:15 instead of 6. This actually helps to make the residents feel more refreshed and ready to start the day on a good note. Efficiency has been the key of the FH lately due to the change in the schedule. 

Some new things that have been happening at the FH are the new changes in the schedule and the groups at the FH have been split between boys and girls during the day, except for dinner. There are now 5 girls at the FH, which is enough girls to put them into their own chore group (house crew) and there are 13 boys who are on barn crew and outdoor crew. The barn has been having quite a bit of changes because of the season change. Winter buckets have been taken away and the barn is getting ready for the warm weather that spring is going to bring. Homer’s (the horse) stall has been redone with rubber matting and the floor boards have been freshly stained. The birds are starting to come back which means that springs in the air! 

DBT group was the most impactful for me this week because we talked about giving an apology and how to deliver it effectively. We also talked about the attitude you should have while giving an apology with the acronym GIVE which stands for Gentle, Interested, Validate, and Easy Manner. This relates to the theme of the week because without apologies, there would be no efficiency; without apologies, you cannot forgive very easily. If you don’t forgive, you can impact every member in your group.

Dog training has just started at the FH and is run by staff Ron. We have been using dogs of all shapes and sizes. Some of the dogs have already been trained while some of them still have much to learn. This had a positive effect on me this week because I found myself feeling accomplished when I finally got a dog to sit on my command. I talked to some of the residents and they said that they also enjoyed the dog training class because it gave them a chance to hang-out with a dog and do some obstacle training with them! 

The theme for this week was efficiency and how the schedule has changed. I picked this because it was pretty nerve racking to switch the prior ways of the schedule. In the beginning, it was hard because no one was used to it and for the first part of the week it just didn’t seem to work out. The FH persevered, however, and we all got through it and are now one of the most efficient FH crews I have ever seen. The basis of this update was to show that even if it is hard in the beginning, it’s important to never give up, as you will reach your goals eventually. Thank you for reading. 

*The skills of a thoughtful apology and the willingness to forgive those around us who are sorry for past mistakes are key elements of lasting relationships that grow stronger through time.  Teens that grasp these kinds of skills are well equipped to find their place in this world and we are very happy for this young man, who is growing in meaningful ways.

Have a nice weekend.