Ironwood Maine Web Update

“The best journey takes you home.”


            Residents are given an opportunity while in level four to go on a home visit. The home visit is a thrilling time in the resident’s stay at Ironwood. With it comes the opportunity of returning home after working on their relationship with their family. The home visit can be as short as a few days or as long as two weeks. Before the home visit, the resident and their family come up with a home contract which is a document that outlines a set of rules for both the resident and their family to follow.

            The home visit can cause much anxiety for both the resident and the family. The anxiety for the student is mostly because they want the visit to go well and help the resident prepare for life at home after they graduate from Ironwood. The family is most likely anxious to see if the resident is able to use the tools they learned to apply them at home after Ironwood.

            The home visit can be beneficial to the students because it will help them prepare for what they will be expecting once they complete the program. This could be in areas of how they can utilize support, like their families and therapists.

            Coming back to Ironwood to complete the resident’s program after the home visit can be hard on the resident. Ironwood has supported this by placing a reflection for the resident to complete immediately after returning. This reflection assists the resident adjust back to life at Ironwood. The staff here at Ironwood help and understand it can be difficult to return back after being at home for around two weeks. The staff are willing to help and be there for the resident for the first couple of days the resident is back. 

            Regardless of how long a home visit is, it is time for residents and families to bond. There are bound to be tears, difficult conversations, and recognition that more work needs to be done. However, very little compares to that feeling of belonging. Home visits help so much in reminding families of the importance of being together.

*Our author has started her home visit…just yesterday.  We wish her a wonderful break with her family and we cheer her good work in 2020/2021, as she approaches her homestretch!  We also want to cheer the good work of all of our other residents and family members, who are working hard for the very same reasons.  Enjoy the weekend!