Ironwood Maine Web Update

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

John Ford

There are a few various times at Ironwood where residents need to do public speaking. The earliest time the residents complete a public speech is when the residents present to the treatment team to move on up to the farmhouse and to level three. The major public speaking that all residents will have is the public speaking goal in the level three folders. This is one of the latter goals in the level three folder that is a significant accomplishment for both residents and staff. 

The public speaking goal has you research a certain topic and present to the farmhouse during dinner. The presentation is usually ten to fifteen minutes long which includes questions and answers. The presentation must include visual supports, whether that is pictures to be handed out or a poster that is placed next to the presenter. Most of the people who present their public speaking select a topic that they resonate with. For example, one student presented about the history of guitars and I am presenting mine on adaptive skiing and adaptive skiing equipment. 

Public Speaking at Ironwood helps all residents overcome their fear of social anxiety or public speaking as a way to inform them that it is okay to be nervous before talking in front of an audience. This goal also prepares all the residents for the times in the future when they have to present at a meeting for work or in a class at their school. 

Residents usually look forward to their public speaking goal because it marks a significant event in their folder. I know that I always look forward to listening to public speaking because I get to discover more details about something that I do not already know. Even though this goal can be a challenge for some, residents, upon completion of the public speaking goal feel proud of their accomplishment. 

*Wishing all family members back home a restful weekend 😊