Ironwood Maine Web Update

Nonviolent communication is a way of communicating with people that does not incite frustration, pass blame, or label someone with judgments. As residents, we are taught to utilize nonviolent communication as a means of more effectively interacting with peers, staff, and parents.

This part of the program helps residents who struggle with appropriately communicating with staff and peers. This can help not only with conflict resolution on a small scale, but can also spark interpersonal creative growth on a large scale. It is often challenging to remain judgment free during conversations, but staff and peers are available for support at all times.

Nonviolent communication can be used in all facets of daily life including but not limited to familial difficulties, disturbances at work, and managing relationships. It benefits both the person who uses it as well as the person on the receiving end. I personally believe that the world would be a much better place if nonviolent communication became the norm rather than just another way of conversing.

By researching and collaborating with my peers to excel in nonviolent communication, I not only was able to achieve a measurably improved family dynamic over the span of three months, but I also quickly found myself becoming more concise and giving more clarity in tense situations. 

Nonviolent communication can be used in all aspects of daily life, by all people, in all sorts of places. It helps with conflict resolution, as well as relationship management. In short, nonviolent communication is a human skill that is worth the time it takes to learn it. A popular saying here at Ironwood is, “Take the time it takes, because it takes less time.”

A big thank you to his level 4 resident who is absolutely demonstrating the points shared in this update.  Our residents are told that human skills (like this one), are learned over time and through practice.  Just like a favorite sport or professional practice, you get better at things the more that you do them and the more that you are open to feedback. Bravo!  

Have a nice weekend everyone and remain open and hopeful.