Ironwood Maine Web Update

It is hard to remember that life is supposed to be fun. We spend the majority of our days managing responsibilities, obligations, and the needs of ourselves and communities. We invest countless hours of our time and immeasurable amounts of energy into solving dilemmas, and aspiring to achieve personal, professional, social, and academic growth. Students here on campus fight the same battle. They are challenged daily with rigorous schedules of self-analysis, academic pressure, and social obligations. This week, I want to share a few of the moments outside of the clinical setting and classroom.

This past week was Ironwood’s first fishing days! It sparked some potential new hobbies for some students and offered other students the opportunity to teach what they know about the sport. We were lucky enough to catch enough fish to have a little snack too!

Separately, setting up tents and wearing blindfolds aren’t very fun activities, but if you combine them together, you can have a bounty of good times. This activity also challenged student to practice effective communication skills, and to utilize senses other than sight to accomplish a task.

We’ve also been able to spend more time exploring the surrounding area. This past week we managed to fit in a few short-day hikes to some scenic local spots. Some of the ironwood pups came along as well and enjoyed the opportunity to cool off in Sandy Pond after a strenuous hike up Sugar Ridge Trail. The scenic views atop the mountain offered a great opportunity for transference in relation to hiking and their individual programs.

And with greatest anticipation, we’ve been ramping up efforts to get our hands dirty in the gardens (setting the “ground” work so to speak). To start the process, students had to orient themselves with a compass, consider the path of the sun, and share ideas in relation to garden designs. They also were challenged with measuring out a garden plot, and computing how much space they had to work with and what exactly could be done within that space. Once enough question and answers took place, we handed them shovels and the project is underway.

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As you can see, with each of these activities, there are multiple learning opportunities and postive impacts. If it’s framed appropriatly, there can be postive transference to daily living. And let’s also remember to have some fun. 😉