Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Patience is the greatest of all virtues.”

Cato the Elder

Throughout the past few months here at Ironwood, changes in campus life have been made to keep residents and staff safe due to COVID-19. New regulations and rules have altered our daily schedule. Despite the alteration to our routines, we have all been able to be resilient. Change offers us opportunities of gratitude and a sense of respect for alternative perspectives and approaches and how to adapt to situations as they shift.

One of the privileges at the Farmhouse is having the opportunity to participate in field trips every Sunday. In the past, we have gone on hikes, ice skating, swimming and much more. Naturally, when the epidemic started, field trips were temporarily suspended. However, as of July, field trips have started up again (with precautions, of course.) Field trips are an important piece to the Ironwood program. They offer a great opportunity for us students to slowly reintegrate back into society and show that we are trustworthy and capable of managing temptation and distraction outside of campus. In a way, it serves as a break from daily life, however, we are still held to the same expectations and rules. We are representing our school and so we are expected to act respectful towards the environment and community we are in.

When we go on field trips, we pack our own lunches that typically will include a special treat! Van rides to our destination have a few specific rules, the gendered groups split up between two vans and we are allowed to listen to appropriate music. When the music is playing, conversations are put on hold so everyone can just enjoy the music. A unique level 4 privilege is that they can sit in the passenger seat and choose the radio station. Residents in the back will give a thumbs up or down if they like a song, and the majority vote dictates what we listen to. A new rule has been added in that we now have to wear a mask off campus anytime we are in close proximity to other people or inside any building.

This positive change in our weekly schedule has many residents exuberant! It is an exciting time and for many of us, it is an opportunity to leave campus for the first time. The Farmhouse House community is grateful to be able to experience new adventures and to be able to participate in such a great privilege.

I hope you all have your own adventure this weekend!

*We thank our amazing author, who graduates next week and returns to her eager family…who are also “exuberant!” Have a great weekend.