Ironwood Maine Web Update

“You don’t need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment.”

Seth Godin

            Ironwood has never had a dull week because all parts of the campus are fully engaged in activities.  Each day, residents wake up to a busy schedule ahead of them and this week is no exception. Several responsibilities this week have been oriented around the collection of our hay. With the open fields on the Morrill campus, hay has been growing for the past few months. The collection of all the hay is being done now, because the weather had been perfect for this effort. On Monday, local farmers came in with their machinery to roll hay into cylinders which are now resting on the hill near the Farm House garden. Tuesday and Wednesday were also big days because tractors came to cut the hay and bail it. Residents have taken part of putting the hay into both the Mini-barn and the farmhouse barn. Over twelve hundred bales of hay are now put away. Both Frye and Farm House helped with this project that comes but once each year. 

            Frye residents (with the help of some Farmhouse residents) have now put all the bails needed for next year into the loft of the Mini-barn. Even though there were some challenges when it came to keeping up with the hay trucks arriving, the group maintained their focus and worked well together. I really could feel that there was a sense of teamwork and a wanting to do the work because they understood how necessary it was to our community. When arriving at Ironwood it can be a shock to hear that you will be required to take care of mini horses and donkeys. Even though some residents may not be initially fond of a new responsibility like this, the work completed this week reflected otherwise. The animals at both barns rely on us to take care of them. Knowing that working hard for a few days would provide the minis food for many months, motivated Frye residents to put forth their full and very best effort.

            On Sunday, there will be a 5k charity run on the Frye Loop of our Morrill campus. The charity that our Ironwood team selected is called All Hands and Hearts, and this organization focuses on disaster relief. The 5k will have three groups; The turtles who will be walking, the rabbits who will be jogging, and the cheetahs who will be sprinting. This 5k is something that is new for us and it will also serve a very good cause. 

            This week has been filled to the brim, with teamwork and a greater sense of community washing over the Morrill campus. The horses and minis are glad to know that they now have an abundance of hay. The 5k is one of the inventive ways that are trying to give back. As parents, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and can enjoy the stories you might hear about stacking all the hay. Ironwood is a community off on its own and there have been times when it has felt less connected. The whole campus feels better and different now, because everyone is working together to create a better community.