Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.”

Richard Branson

I can remember the first time I watched someone graduate who I saw go through all four levels of the program. I had seen many graduations before with people I cared about very much, however, somehow this graduation was different. I had watched this person fall and get back up so many times. I watched fear turn into anger, which turned into defiance, which turned into confidence and then, compassion. I had watched someone’s tattered and torn spirit become whole again. The only way I could describe how I felt was immensely proud. 

All three campuses seem to be busy with transitions. While Frye is welcoming new students, the Farmhouse and Lakehouse are preparing their farewells for several students. The Farmhouse is also greeting new level three students and the Lakehouse has welcomed a few new housemates, as well.  Seeing the joy and pride that residents experience as they advance through the program is like watching a rose bloom. 

At Frye, the groups tested their communication skills by shifting the group into different shapes. This sparked a conversation about communication preferences, and how the group can improve their communication skills. 

Also, this week, the Farmhouse played an invigorating game of knock-out at the basketball court that tested everyone’s endurance, hand eye coordination, and speed. It was an excellent way to bring the group together and to also just have fun.

So many residents have such different experiences going through the program and yet there are such similar patterns that bind us together. The fear and uncertainty we feel when we arrive and then the anger and resentment we feel when we grow tired, the gratitude we feel towards those who help us along the way, and the pride and confidence we gain as we progress. Watching this unfold is perhaps the most emotional, heartfelt, and powerful thing I have ever seen.

*This week’s Lakehouse author turned 18 four months ago and made her decision to remain at Ironwood to continue her own forward progress as she prepares for adulthood.  She continues to grow in confidence, she is becoming more intentional about her future every day, she is generous in spirit and she has TONS of potential.  This young lady chose not to quit when it was possible (and easy) to do so and we feel very fortunate to know her during this VERY short chapter in her life.  Have a nice weekend everyone.