Ironwood Maine Web Update

“It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”

Thomas Paine

This week, everyone has witnessed a great shift for the better in relation to teamwork and camaraderie between both residents and staff. This has led to a remarkable upswing in morale, efficiency and fun opportunities. Teamwork is making our dream work!

This week Frye has been working together superbly, in the midst of spring cleaning. New group dynamics are offering opportunities for residents to step up as leaders and the efficiency is fantastic. At the Farmhouse, the groups are functioning great as well and the weekend was fun-filled and satisfying. Shorts are making their first appearances of the year and everyone is spending much more time outside. Truly, it’s been a great week for all of Ironwood!

This week in our Experiential group, we took a silent walk deep in the woods. We came to a stop at a quiet river bend, and were tasked with comparing our lives to that of any tree we chose. I, for one, found great solace in realizing that a certain large tree fell, but did not fall all the way. Yet, it was still living and pushing through. This is something crucial that I believe every person can identify with. We fall, but we push through and strive forward.

This week in our sports block, we played our first whiffle ball game of the year. And what an exciting experience it was! Everybody “pitched” in and had a blast. Gone was the fierce competition that is commonly present in games. This week, everyone felt included and added value to their teams, and everyone came out smiling in the end. A positive trend indeed!

This week has provided a remarkable shift to positivity and solidarity that is refreshing to all of us. Everyone is putting forth their best effort to enrich our community day by day and we are surely reaping the benefits!

*Many thanks to our level 4 resident who authored this update. Have a great weekend everyone…there is good reason to be hopeful!