Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Work smarter, not harder.”

Ron Carswell

This week, I would like to focus on a specific topic. I have recently been promoted to Level 4 and I am excited for all of the new things that it brings. I hope to share with each of you the finer details of what a day in the life of a Blue Resident at Ironwood looks like. 

At Ironwood, Level Four Blues are integrated into daily campus life, greatly. Our numerous responsibilities offer support and stability to our community. The additional responsibilities we are given is balanced by additional privileges that are rewards for our consistent effort. Traditionally speaking, as a Blue, I see most of the comings and goings of both Frye and Farmhouse campuses.  Frye’s community dynamic is thriving, as new residents come in and provide added help to the groups. In addition, Frye Level Two residents have been continually promoted to level three at the Farmhouse, adding more vibrance to the Farmhouse culture. 

During enrichment activities and daily life, blues have the privilege of using Ironwood’s digital cameras to take memorable pictures of their peers. This is fun, but it is expected that we take it seriously and do our best to capture meaningful moments to share with all of the families. Also, Blues are expected to put full effort into enrichment activities, like sports and music. During therapeutic groups, Level Fours are expected to contribute honestly and with integrity to support their peers. When I asked one of my peers to describe Blues during therapeutic groups, she said, “They are kind, proactive, open to new concepts and ideas and are willing to share about their personal experiences when it relates to the group.” In my eyes, Blues have a responsibility to make processing activities meaningful and impactful. 

When your child is given the opportunity to be a Level Four resident, I hope that they can fully meet the responsibilities and appreciate the privileges that are given to them. With this bit of insight, I hope that you are able to offer them validation and support with the additional roles that are expected of them. When I was at the beginning of my program, I remember frequently thinking how awesome and fun it would be to be a blue resident and ride around in a golf cart. While those things are true, it also comes with a huge amount of responsibility and I am proud to have earned this level in my program. 

*This week’s author has found her stride in the last several weeks and all of us who work here are pleased for her, as she has accomplished so much.  Her journey to date has not at all been easy and she has had her fair share of setbacks.  This is the way it goes after all and in this case, her family support system has been patient and loving throughout both the good days and bad.  ALSO, this young lady has discovered and is developing her passion for creative writing and this is now taking up a growing portion of her discretionary time…NICE.   Have a great weekend everyone…stay hopeful and positive!