Ironwood Maine Web Update

Any real change implies the break up of the world as one has already known it, the loss of all that gave one identity, the end of safety.

James Galdwin

The one thing absolutely necessary to growth is change. Here at Ironwood, change is essential to the program and in our current state with the virus, people have been pushed out of their comfort zone and introduced to a different world. Yet, despite this challenge, the group dynamic is very positive and efficient and we are all doing well.

This past Sunday, both Farmhouse groups went on a hike up Frye Mountain. The garden has been tilled and we have begun to plant peas, carrots and garlic that we all started from seed. It has been exciting prepping the garden soil and also several other elements of the area like bringing out chairs and tables, repairing the hoop house, building a trellis and setting up an arbor.  We have also been working really hard to revamp the Farmhouse landscape by removing all the old shrubs and trees in front of the house. It was amazing to see what a difference our effort made to the overall look and feel of the front of the house. 

On Monday in our Experiential Group, we sat at three different tables in groups of 4-5 people. We were tasked with stacking 10 nails on top of one nail (hammered into a wood board). Residents that already knew the trick to this activity still participated but could not give any hints other than “hot” or “cold”. After 15-20 minutes we stopped to process the groups communication and how effective we were with the “hot” or “cold” restriction. I was personally frustrated and after a while was very closed off and fixed with the one clue we had. I was not open to change and not willing to change and that prevented me from working towards a solution. I could not grow without changing the way I was thinking about it.

Change will always be a part of our world, so you’re going to have to face it sooner or later. Since arriving at Ironwood I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily bad, that most change is good and keeps you positioned to learn, also preventing you from getting stuck in a fixed mindset. I hope all of you at home are willing to be open to change as I know, personally, that It creates opportunities for you that previously seemed impossible.  

* This week’s Farmhouse author has grown so much, especially in the last month or two.  It’s great to see him referencing the negative impact from having a fixed mindset, because his early Ironwood journey was very fixed, indeed.  Yesterday, as we worked on the FH project that he referenced above, I witnessed him having a tough time with the root system of a removed shrub.  Sweat on his brough, heavy breathing along with conversation, laughter and a big smile.  This young man had a struggle on his hands, but he was responding with a tempered approach that made him approachable. He was a valued member of his team.  That’s what we often reference as the transition over to the GROWTH mindset.  Nice job young man!

Have a great weekend everyone…we are working hard up north and doing the best we can under the circumstances.  Thank you for trusting us with your precious family members.  😊