Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Some horses will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you.”

Equestrian CO

The saying, “You cannot love others until you love yourself,” often reminds me of the relationship between students and the horses at Ironwood. As students grow in their programs, they grow with the horses as well. There is an understanding and respect grown toward them.

Riding has been gifted the seasonal spring adventures of trail rides. Trail rides can be an arduous task, a test of one’s skill, or a test of one’s character. It all depends on the rider, the horse, and the path in front of us that has to be overcome.

In the past few weeks in the Farmhouse DBT group, we have had many discussions about listening. We’ve discussed how to be an effective listener, as well as being aware of blocks that get in the way of effective listening. In a way, this reminds me of how students outgrow blocking out the relationships with the horses. As we develop new skills such as active listening, our ability to build relationships with the horses also increases. 

The horses at Ironwood provide a unique growth experience. They challenge us, they help us to build relationships and they teach us so much about ourselves. Even students who come to Ironwood with equestrian experience are able to benefit significantly from their time with horses with the new perspectives that are learned, each day. As we gain respect, confidence and compassion in ourselves, those strengths are mirrored with our relationships with our four hoofed friends. 

*Family members back home, time is flying on our Ironwood campus and we are grateful to be busy and building lives of deeper meaning and purpose.  We hope that you have a restful weekend and we wish you good health and peace.