Ironwood Maine Web Update

Spring: A reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

As the seasons change here at Ironwood, we are able to reflect on how we have grown and changed throughout our lives and our Ironwood program.

Later this week at Frye, the Patio Contest winners will be announced. Both groups have put considerable effort into the renovation of these wonderful activity spaces. The Frye garden has received its spring cleaning, in preparation for the seedlings that the students have started. Frye residents have also wrapped up the inventory project all of all winter gear…thankfully!   At the Farmhouse, the preparation of the garden and hoop house is taking place. As the weather improves, we are spending quite a bit more time outside. Lawns are being raked out and fertilized and rumor has it that the local fishery will soon be delivering about 50 healthy trout to their new home at the Admin Pond.  

On Wednesday, three Frye residents were promoted to the Farmhouse and three Farmhouse residents were promoted over to the Lakehouse.  Every Wednesday afternoon (after promotions), the Farmhouse holds a house meeting that includes all staff and residents in this group.  When there are new arrivals, the meeting starts with a welcome and everyone introduces themselves, then sharing one thing that they like best about the Farmhouse and then further, one personal suggestion (or tip), on how to make the most out of this next chapter in their Ironwood journey.  This week’s meeting was held outdoors on the from lawn in a huge circle and it was a lot of fun.

With the spring riding season quickly approaching, we have begun trail riding with our horses. In the Equine program at Ironwood, we not only learn about the horses and how to care for them but also how to train them. In this training, we actually always end up learning more about ourselves and how we are able to grow, adapt and overcome our personal struggles…even when the environment is unfamiliar.

The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get any one through a tough winter.  In this time of transformation, we can relate to what we see in nature to our own lives and this gives us hope.

*Have a nice weekend everyone and take good care of one another!