Ironwood Maine Web Update

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” 


Through times of sudden change and growth, it is important to have times of normalcy to reflect and to rest.  This week has been a blessing in that sense. With spring “sneak-peaking” out of hiding and new groups settling into place, there is that needed sense of normalcy that delivers to us a sense of peace. 

In the past week, Ironwood has begun to prepare for spring, starting with the switch from knitted hats to baseball caps.  We’ve planted seedlings for the garden in the farmhouse living room and we’ve also started running outside in the mornings…Ironwood is buzzing! This transition is welcome, and it has brought a new excitement to our community. The green grass and warm temperatures have been a very welcome change to all of our two and four-legged Ironwood friends. 

In Experiential this week, we dove into the topic of being our own, worst enemy. With an example of a 1950’s environmental political comic, Pogo the Possum, we began to make comics of our own based upon a time when we were counter-productive in our own lives. For half an hour, the room was silent as we creatively remembered and illustrated those moments in our history.  Those who were comfortable, then shared their comics and stories of when they were in the midst of internal struggle, then also reflecting on how they had grown, since then.

With a new season brings new enrichment programs. Horticulture group began with the prep of the soil for the upcoming planting of seeds. Before we can grow, we must first clean away the debris of the past. Sports block began with a competitive game of volleyball, but was cut short due to rain.  The group resumed sports in the garage by playing a round of table tennis. 

Sometimes it is the little things that help us from feeling like the world is spinning a million miles an hour. A cup of tea, birds chirping in the morning, or even the seedlings that are beginning to sprout. These many experiences help to keep us grounded and they keep us from feeling overwhelmed, when it sometimes feels like we’re surrounded by a world in chaos.

*This update was written by a level 4 resident who arrived at Ironwood last summer.  Back then, she was truly struggling in ways that similar to almost every new IW arrival.  Today, in her third season, we have a confident young lady that is excited about her future and her place in this world.  She is truly unique and not at all an Ironwood programmed robot…growing more comfortable and confident in her own skin, as her family back home also works hard to make personal changes for a better future, together. We hope you have a very pleasant weekend!