Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Go where we will, we discover infinite change in particulars only, not in generals.”

Henry David Thoreau

The wise words of Henry Thoreau state that change will always be seen in smaller things, but things on a bigger scale will stay intact. That idea is true for Ironwood.

Both groups at Frye are doing well. The Frye residents are working together, accepting the recent changes that are present and there is motivation to succeed. Even with the need to adapt, there are still Frye standards that will never change. This week, it is the Frye boys who are caring for the mini-horses and donkeys. The Frye girls are carrying out the responsibilities of the lodge. At the Farmhouse, we are still a community, even though we are spending more time in smaller groups. Some exciting news to announce is that on Wednesday, two peers received their blues and were promoted to Level 4!

This past weekend, we celebrated Easter. It was nice to have a Sunday that was filled with special treats. There was a special breakfast that was a great way to start the fun. There was also an egg hunt. Everyone was really excited to search for the eggs that were plastic and included candy and merits. When I woke up and looked outside the window, I saw a lot of eggs that were brightly colored. We ended the day by watching a movie. Even though our routines are not exactly what they used to be, we were still able to have a campus wide celebration, on this day.

Ironwood is celebrating Earth Day on April 17th. There will be “lots” of fun activities, meals that will be vegan based and a viewing of the film, Lorax. It is nice to celebrate the Earth because it has so much to offer all of us. I think that the best part of celebrating this Earth Day is being able to take time to really appreciate all of the nature that surrounds us on this campus. I’m sure that the beauty of the earth will continue to exist, regardless of these current external circumstances.

A group that I thought was very powerful this week was Social Skills. The topic of this particular group was self-validation. We sat around the firepit and discussed ways to help ourselves feel more positive and to increase self-efficacy. After each skill was shared, the group was offered a chance to talk about how the skill was personally meaningful and how it was relevant in this community. The message is important because people often overlook taking care of themselves. I know that little things matter and all of us can do more to practice self-care. To avoid getting stuck, self-care/love is a great place to start.

In honor of Earth Day, I hope that you will appreciate how beautiful the Earth is. With all of the change around us, let’s try to be aware of how some of the things in everyday life will never change and that is something to celebrate and take solace in. Have a great weekend.