Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Nothing endures, but change.”


This is a campus where there is always a lot of change. We are all working hard to move to new places in our lives and also to maintain a healthy environment as a community. This week, the Farmhouse has enjoyed a holiday celebration and we are looking forward to Easter and Earth Day, next week. We also have two graduations coming up…including my own!

The overall dynamic at the Farmhouse is different than it was not long ago, due to the new health procedures that we are all getting used to. None of us have ever had to think about life in this way before, but we are all extremely grateful to be in a safe environment during this time.

This week, I attended my very last “addictions” therapy group. Recently, I have been nervous about returning home during this strange time. In this group discussion, we talked about the link between our emotions and addictive behaviors. I learned so much about my negative thought patterns and how they contribute to a self-fulfilling prophecy. For now, I am trying to prepare for positive internal changes, while also staying more “in the moment”. This group has always provided me with a lot of insight.

This week, we started cleaning up the garden in preparation for SPRING! We are also looking forward to transitioning from character development class to sports block. The weather has been great all week, allowing us to spend a lot of time outdoors and we consider ourselves to be fortunate because we might be getting a foot of snow tonight!

There are lots of things that we are trying to adjust to and we know that this is true for everyone. Change is all around us, constantly occurring. It is my hope that you will look for the silver linings in our current situations.
Have a nice weekend!

*…and that foot of snow did arrive as scheduled! 😊