Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Sometimes in the wake of change, people may find direction”


The main topic of discussion right now, not only at Ironwood, but around the world is COVID-19.

Although everything is pretty much at a stand-still everywhere, life carries on at Ironwood. It is hard to cope with all of the recent changes, but we are feeling extremely supported as residents, lately.  Staff, owners, and parents are all helping immensely to mellow our angst. We get weekly updates directly from Wes, which allow us to learn about the current statistics and movement of COVID-19. In such updates, the floor is completely open for questions to be asked, and answered as candidly as possible. The information which we receive in these meeting is all of the Information that will help us to stay productive and focused on our individual programs, while not having to worry about the well-being of everyone outside of Ironwood. We are also aware of and very thankful for the overall blessing that Ironwood is to all of us, but especially as a safe place during such a time. Not many people can say that they have such a community to lean on for support right now, and we are very lucky to say that we do.

On all Ironwood campuses, Frye, Farmhouse, and Lakehouse, a handful of necessary precautions are being taken. These new procedures are things like extra handwashing, intermittent disinfecting of various surfaces, and daily temperature checks at med pass. These changes and new procedures are unexpected, but obviously important to our health. In addition, there are now staff members who are exclusive to one of the three campuses for the duration of the precautionary stage. This change will take some getting used to, but it is a great opportunity to better relationships between staff and residents. We really are one big community here right now. We all have each other’s back. We are all thankful for the sacrifices being made to ensure our safety.

If one thing is for sure about this whole situation, it is that everyone in the Ironwood program right now will make strides of growth by getting through this bout of adversity.