Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Real confidence comes from knowing and accepting yourself  –  your strengths and your limitations  –  in contrast to depending on affirmation from others.”

Judith M. Bardwick

This week at Ironwood, spring is in the air. As temperatures rise and snow melts, spirits are high and confidence is beginning to show itself in many forms. As the weather gets warmer, residents from both campuses are spending more and more time outside, enjoying the warm air, first signs of life, and the sunshine. 

In experiential group this week, the Farmhouse residents hiked around campus while discussion included topics, such as: our favorite places, qualities we look for in our friends, and our aspirations for the future. The underlying theme of this group was Success and how it looks different from each individual’s perspective. We also focused on how success shows itself in many forms, big and small. Last, we spoke about how each of us is able to acknowledge our own success. With each achievement we complete, our confidence is boosted and we feel better about ourselves. 

With warmer weather, we have more opportunities for outdoor activities. Farmhouse residents are being given the opportunity to ride the horses out on the trails. Not only does this help residents to experience new challenges as they are riding in a different setting, but it has significant impact on horse confidence as well. Secret, one of our newer horses, is learning how to be a leader and is making great progress with his comfortability on the trail. Seeing his confidence helps residents to feel calm, cool, and collected while in the saddle. 

In addition to outdoor activities, students’ morale is also increasingly becoming more optimistic around each campus. Frye residents are working on their confidence and leadership skills by leading their peers through activities, such as cooking a meal over a fire. By doing this, they are practicing assertive communication skills and building confidence. In addition to cooking outdoors, residents are also playing sports and taking the mini horses on long walks away from the barn. 

Everyone has the ability to be confident, and often with time, confidence is learned. Residents and animals alike are sharing the experience of learning how to be confident here at Ironwood this week, and it has been really exciting to be a part of it. While writing this week’s blog it has become obvious to me that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to and that changes the way I feel about myself.