Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Be the wind to fill your own sails.”


The theme of this update is focused on how people are not able to change until they choose to do so. The Frye and Farmhouse campuses have seen this take full effect on both new and seasoned residents. 

At Frye, there are many students completing goals in the hopes of progressing in their program. While newer residents are still learning the ropes, others are leading by example. This week, two students had their efforts acknowledged by presenting and being promoted to go to the Farmhouse! Residents at the Farmhouse are learning leadership and are turning over new leaves in their own lives. This might be a result of their work ethic, attitude, or even their outlook on life in general. Both campuses are also remembering to have a bit of fun along the way. This last weekend, we had a campus wide game created by a staff member and this allowed both the Farmhouse and Frye residents time to play and get to know one another!

In the new Transitional Group, the Farmhouse students have seen a huge improvement in mindfulness. Observed in our actions towards one another and as examples of leadership. A main topic of late is how we have been the leaders in our families and how we have impacted our families in positive ways, while being at Ironwood. This relates to the above quote, because residents are trying to be the change they want to see in their families, which is an empowering approach to a prior challenge. 

This week in our wilderness group, we collected over 250 gallons of maple sap and all of our hard work is about to pay off, when the boiling process begins! We are hoping to fire up the evaporators this weekend getting closer to the end goal of syrup drenched pancakes!

What we are seeing at both campuses is that a person can’t change until they want to, making effort towards that change. “Be the wind in your own sails” is the best quote to describe this (for me) and it is evident across the board on this campus. From brand new students to “near graduates”, we are all making efforts to create opportunities for a better future. 

*This level 4 resident will be leaving for his home visit soon and it’s evident that his confidence has come a long way in these months.  We are happy for him and hope that his time with family will be productive.  A home visit is designed to be a “test run” on the family life that will follow, “post-graduation.”  Celebration and family love, for sure and a hopefully even some typical family conflict.  Relational tests can be good at this time, as they provide opportunities for new responses, where an Ironwood teen can use their new skills learned during this “Ironwood adventure.”  Have a great weekend!