Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Changes can begin at any moment and at this moment I am willing to change.”


Many changes have taken place in the past week, including many residents advancing in their programs. It is great to see many new residents who are taking on new roles and responsibilities in their program and being offered support and encouragement by their peers. 

Perseverance is very apparent in both Frye groups. Residents are making obvious efforts to utilize DBT skills to regulate their internal struggles through tough transitions. The Farmhouse community is doing well also. Everyone is making a conscious effort to work together as a team and it is definitely paying off. 

The topic of our last social group was extremely relevant and helpful personally. It focused on a topic that I have highlighted as one of my current goals. We discussed ways to validate yourself and not depend on others to do so. I have been working very hard on confidence and internal validation and there were several pieces of this group that impacted me. For example; before seeking external validation, ask yourself the question and tell yourself what you want to hear. This relates to the overall theme of change because it is hard to make changes while constantly doubting yourself. 

I joined the Frye girls for wilderness group this past weekend at the Sugar Shack. Now that the weather is changing, we get the chance to collect sap for maple syrup. I really enjoyed helping my peers and watching them experience something new. Many attitudes changed once they became open-minded and learned about the process of making maple syrup!

I hope you enjoyed reading about changes taking place on our campus. Making changes often requires us to step out of our comfort zones. Try to keep an open mind and search for what you need to be able to move in a positive direction. 

*Wow, nice work from a level 4 resident with 0 edits…I think we can just “leave it at that.” Have a nice weekend everyone!