Ironwood Maine Web Update

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance” 

Samuel L. Johnson

Today I will talk about the new beginnings, new opportunities to learn patience, perseverance, hard work, dedication, ice fishing adventures, and the impact of our recovery therapeutic group. 

In the spirit of being one month away from spring, I want to highlight the new beginnings happening at Frye in the form of new arrivals and promotions to the Farm House that all provide the recipients with new opportunities for growth. I would also like to celebrate a fellow student’s follow through and perseverance that led him to sign himself back in to Ironwood upon celebrating his 18th birthday!  I’m also excited to bring attention to the hard work and dedication of a peers who was rewarded with his level 4 blues on Wednesday and lastly, I would like to highlight the one thing that connects all of us together…and that is, shoveling snow. 

One peer group that had a significant impact on me this week was the Recovery group. This is a small peer group led by a therapist that helps us explore living with addiction on a daily basis. After a short blindfolded hot and cold activity we talked about why we don’t or didn’t listen to prompts or warnings from others in our past experiences. Then, we discussed how this affected us and how we can change and listen to others in the future. 

This weekend we tried something that was new to most of us. Initially, I was nervous as we marched out to the middle of a frozen lake and started drilling holes. After that, we set up our traps and learned that in Maine, we fish with live bait in the winter. We set our bait and began our long afternoon test of patience. Our perseverance paid off as we pulled in a feisty yellow perch. 

Ironwood is a place of new beginnings, full of new opportunities to learn patience, perseverance, hard work and dedication.  Ironwood also teaches us how to work through past struggles, giving us therapeutic tools to manage our lives on a day to day basis. I know I never would have been able to spend the afternoon in the middle of a frozen lake before Ironwood and now, I am eating fish for dinner!

*This update was written by a senior resident, who has recently moved to our Lakehouse campus.  Her Ironwood journey will be over soon and she is now working with her therapist and parents to craft a future plan that will provide her with support when she is back in “the real world.”  We wish that the Ironwood lifestyle wasn’t so foreign and unusual.  Hard work, being in the moment, enjoying your natural surroundings, talking through and resolving conflict, eating together, spending time with animals…and oh yeah, making your bed every morning! Have a great weekend…spring is coming!  😊