Ironwood Maine Fitness Update

We are always busy at Ironwood and we try to make it a priority to do intentional workouts each morning. This works well, especially at the Farmhouse, which is great because it is the resident’s “second half” before graduating and going home where they will be accountable for their own fitness and exercise routines.

We start early, as exercising first thing has many benefits:
1. You are more likely to accomplish your goal of exercise if you do it first thing in the morning. If you schedule it for later in the day, life has a way of presenting things you have to do instead.
2. Not only does it wake you up, it helps keep your energy up throughout the day.
3. It gives you something that you have accomplished while some people are still in bed. It is great feeling of satisfaction to have met that goal so early and one that you will want to continue.
4. No one is demanding anything of you yet.
5. You start off your day by making a healthy decision, and healthy actions lead to more healthy actions.

Most of the exercises, especially at Frye, are back to basics; calisthenics, running, non-contact sports, hiking. While we do continually progress on strength and all around fitness fundamentals at FH, we do include a plethora of activities in the hopes that each resident graduates with a least one fitness activity that they will continue with on their own. We do this with experiential field trips, different sports and numerous variations of body weight movements. Some activities I have facilitated include Cornish Gig Pilot Rowing, hiking, ice skating, a Highland Games Inspired experiential, ballet jumps, workouts utilizing music, Handball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, 5ks, lots of varying callisthenic circuits, trail running, Eugene(a dodge-ball/capture the flag/quidditch hybrid game I made up) and more to come.

It is my goal that every resident graduates with at least one activity that they enjoying doing and will continue to do on their own. We do a variety of things to help them find that activity, but still push fundamentals as well to give them a good foundation. I hope that they don’t see fitness as a chore, but as something that enriches their lives, as one of the many great tools they gain while at Ironwood.