Growth Ceremony Speech

Reflection at Ironwood has taught me to understand the bigger picture and to think about why I did what I did. It also has taught me that learning to prevent the problem is better than choosing to react to the impulses that then lead to the problem.

When I got here, I was refusing to engage in anything. I didn’t think it helped me but now I see that ive learned that I could have prevented the problems I was dealing with. If I had learned to fix the problem sooner I would have had more time to create the skills I needed.. I don’t understand why I changed my ways of dealing with problems I just know that I gave up on my guard. I became vulnerable and I let go of all the worrying and the drama. That helped me to worry about myself. I don’t have to react when others are beign negative. I don’t need to give others feedback on what they have to say about me because they are just saying it to get a reaction. I don’t need to focus on peers or if they are progressing faster than me because I know that I am going to make it at some point and be able to think about how lucky I am that I made it when I did.

A problem that I had was communicating what I needed. When I asked for what I needed, I would be very demanding and I didn’t even realize when I was. If staff didn’t or couldn’t get me what I was asking for, I got frustrated and yelled at them. But now, if I can’t get what I need, I make compromises to see if there is an alternative to what it is that I need.I hope I can contine to learn to not be scared of making mistakes. I hope to continue to learn how to realize when I do something wrong that I think is okay but that others think is wrong. I want to continue to learn how to fix my bad habits as well as learn to read others body language and expressions so I don’t say the wrong thing. I hope my skills that I have learned at Ironwood help me move forward and help me make more positive relationships. I hope to continue to learn how to find a better me. 

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