Family Involvement

We believe that parents are a critical component of therapeutic treatment and their involvement at Ironwood Maine influences their teen’s progress in achieving the success that they strive for. Once parents begin to take advantage of the parenting tools and resources available to them, the goal of healing their child and reuniting their family will soon be within reach. Every parent wants to stay connected while their child is with us and that is why we created Ironwood Parent Connect. This is a secure and private web portal that lets parents view photographs of their teen participating in various activities, review the weekly therapeutic and academic updates, and take advantage of resources only available to parents of Ironwood residents. Resident photographs give parents a virtual photo album of activities their teen is participating in, from equine-assisted psychotherapy to recreational sports to farm projects and field trips.  

Parents receive weekly calls from their teen’s therapist outlining what their child is working on and the progress they are making. 

Ironwood Maine’s Mental Health Teen Treatment Program and accredited school are unique for many reasons and parent involvement and parenting resources are two that our parents love. Being separated from your child for a time can be both challenging as well as a relief. However, no matter where you are on that spectrum, staying connected and involved as much as possible is both reassuring and critical to the success of your teen.

Ironwood cannot over emphasize the value of being where you can actively participate with your child. Ironwood hosts formal family weekends five times per year and parents are strongly encouraged to attend these events. Ironwood hosts parent weekends here in beautiful Maine where interacting with your teen is a necessary next step in their therapeutic progress. Parents love this weekend for the closeness they feel with their child and can see, as well as experience firsthand, the progress their child is making. Additionally, there may be a time when an unexpected and critical therapeutic issue would require your attendance.

All Ironwood parents have access to online courses for improving their parenting skills. These courses are designed to increase awareness of parenting principles and incorporate specific skills to empower parents to make the most of their Ironwood experience. These courses also help parents create a different, more positive environment when their child returns home.

Parents also receive weekly calls from their teen’s therapist outlining what their child is working on and the progress they are making. During this call, the therapist and parents collaborate on issues that need to be addressed. Family therapy calls are also scheduled and are an integral part of our mental health treatment program