Animal Therapy at Ironwood Maine

Animal Therapy is more than just a comforting presence; it’s a transformative experience that harnesses the innate bond between humans and animals. At Ironwood Maine, we understand the profound impact animals can have on the mental well-being of troubled teens.

The Power of Animal Interaction

The simple act of petting an animal releases serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin – hormones that combat depression, reduce stress, and foster relaxation. This natural boost in “happy hormones” diminishes anxiety, alleviates loneliness, and provides a comforting distraction during challenging times.

For teens resistant to traditional therapy, animals can bridge the gap, facilitating a deeper connection with therapists and enhancing the overall effectiveness of treatment.

Proven Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Modern research underscores the myriad benefits of animal therapy, encompassing mental, physical, and skill development. At Ironwood Maine, our focus on Animal Therapy—including Equine Therapy—offers teens a unique therapeutic intervention. By caring for, feeding, grooming, and even riding horses, our residents immerse themselves in a healing environment that addresses issues like depression, anxiety, ADD, and substance abuse.

The Ironwood Approach

Our therapy is rooted in the deep bond between individuals and animals. This bond:

• Cultivates self-worth and trust
• Stabilizes emotions
• Enhances communication, self-regulation, and socialization

At Ironwood Maine, every resident engages in multi-dimensional programs encompassing Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Horsemanship, and daily Animal Care. These programs, infused with therapeutic elements and education, offer an unparalleled and enriching experience.

The act of training, horsemanship instruction, and animal care instills values like work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, and communication. Our dedicated animal team ensures these benefits are naturally integrated into each teen’s journey towards positive change.

Animal Therapy at Ironwood Maine
Animal Therapy at Ironwood Maine
Animal Therapy at Ironwood Maine
Animal Therapy at Ironwood Maine
Animal Therapy at Ironwood Maine
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