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Customized Academics Gets Results

The academic program at Ironwood School is a student-focused experience where the academic curriculum is customized and the attention is personalized.

When a student arrives to Ironwood, they will be introduced to a new learning structure, but supported with familiar objectives. The Head of School will work directly with families and sending schools to identify an educational plan that includes academic goals, individual strengths, and a plan to work with any learning challenges that might be in play.

Ironwood students are provided a distraction free learning environment, where their sole focus becomes the exploration of English, history, science, and math. Ironwood teacher's concentrate on key skill development through writing practice, organizational strategies, and countless reading opportunities.

Ironwood's Maine certified teachers and tutors work individually with students to support their academic progress. The initial goal is to gain an understanding for each learner, then identify curriculum that will meet each student at their current skill level, and begin to build from there. Accomplishing the successful completion of academic credits, and discovering new strengths are goals that Ironwood holds for every student.

In addition to the disciplined classroom work, students are also working toward experiential learning credits, which are gained through daily organized learning experiences; and facilitated by experts in relevant fields. Students are taught about the biology and anatomy of horses through intensive horsemanship instruction, and then brought into the arena to ride and care for the Ironwood horses. Experiential credits are also earned through participation in various instruction including, horticulture, studio art, physical education, sustainable living, and many other direct learning experiences.

On average, graduating students complete 7-10 high school credits, and advance a full grade. Most students are able to earn more credits than usual because they have discovered a new satisfaction and purpose for learning. This desire for learning combined with our personalized attention, and year round schooling, provides the support students need to stay focused.

The teaching faculty utilizes a variety of college preparatory curriculum, most of Ironwood’s curriculum is designed for distance learning settings, which allows for smooth transitions throughout the calendar year. Some Ironwood students opt to dual enroll in a distance learning college course through Louisiana State University, allowing for an opportunity to earn college credit.

Ironwood recognizes the value of education in a student's long term success and treatment. Regardless of varying career goals, a solid secondary education, with strong skill development, and conceptual learning practices allows for a renewed outlook on ones future. Approximately 90% of Ironwood High School graduates move into post-secondary studies, but every single student and family is supported with individualized transition planning.

Students' progress is tracked on a daily basis so no one falls through the cracks. Definite, measurable and clearly stated expectations, geared to a student's academic abilities are part of each student's academic plan. Our aim is to get students back on track, and accelerate them once they are on the rails. Given the chance, everyone wants to learn and advance in life. We give teens that chance.

Read more about Ironwood's academic program here.

Ironwood students selected to participate in an enrichment program pilot project to launch helium balloon experiments into space. Read about Ironwood's NASA-based Scientific Ballooning Program here.

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