About Treatment at Ironwood’s Short-Term Residential Program

Ironwood Maine, located on a tranquil 400-acre campus in mid-coast Maine, offers an all-inclusive short-term residential program. It’s the first step towards long-term stability, health, and happiness for your teen. Under 24/7 supervision, they will have access to therapies, staff, and activities that promote lasting well-being.

We welcome all genders, ages 13-17, and specialize in treating Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and ADHD-related challenges. Our safe environment fosters community and shared support.

Elements of Care

Our Clinical, Trauma-Informed treatment model ensures personalized care. Residents begin with an intensive assessment, followed by an individualized plan that includes:

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Ironwood Maine offers a unique Equine-Assisted Therapy program aimed at supporting teens facing emotional and behavioral challenges. This therapy blends horse-related activities with psychotherapy, enhancing skills like responsibility, communication, and relationship building. It’s designed for individual and group sessions, guided by trained professionals. This approach helps teens build self-esteem and social abilities in a nurturing environment, making it an effective part of their mental health journey.

Insurance and Cost

Don’t let financial concerns inhibit your teen’s treatment. Private health insurance can offset costs, and we can guide you through the process, verifying coverage and explaining potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Our Accreditation

Ironwood Maine is accredited by The Joint Commission, a recognition that reflects our commitment to high-quality care. This accreditation involves comprehensive evaluations by experts, ensuring our facilities and programs meet over 1,300 stringent standards. These standards, developed with input from healthcare professionals and patients, help us continually improve our services. Regular, unannounced audits by The Joint Commission assess our environment, staff qualifications, and treatment effectiveness, including interviews and observations, to maintain the highest level of care for our teens.

Our Team

Your child will work with a dedicated team of professionals, including Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Nurse, Primary Therapist, teachers, and specialized staff. They’re available 24/7 to provide support and guidance.

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