About Ironwood Maine

A Residential Mental Health Treatment Program and Accredited School for Teens

It’s All About Building Connection

Ironwood Maine was purposefully designed to operate in an environment where activities and intensive therapy focus on collaborative community work with an emphasis on building a deeper connection to self and others. The mid-coast Maine countryside and culture support our therapeutic and learning environments, and the natural setting facilitates introspection, value clarification, and hard work that are easily applied to academics and the acquisition of new life skills.

teen girl with dog

Residing at Ironwood, adjacent to the scenic Frye Mountain Wildlife Management area, allows a teen freedom from distraction to reflect about where they want their life to go and how they can get on track, making their dreams a reality. The simplicity and serenity of the farm provides teens with the opportunity to rediscover core values and develop skills to cope with living in a new environment away from family and negative peer group influences. The back-to-basics environment helps teens develop a relationship with the natural world and learn how to get along with others in healthy and cooperative ways. The natural woodland setting also helps teens evaluate the results of their choices and encourages them to develop improved strategies and problem-solving skills.

Ironwood teens progress at their own rate behaviorally, academically, and therapeutically, within a safe and supportive environment where they are constantly motivated to attain their highest potential. Skilled therapists and behavioral health professionals support residents as they gather tools that can be used to create a life of healthy relationships.

Our Mission

To Cultivate Personal Growth and Positive Change

Ironwood Maine is committed to helping families in crisis with teens who struggle. Ironwood prioritizes positive relationship development while utilizing a behavioral support model, comprehensive therapy, and rigorous academics to cultivate personal growth and positive change. Our goal is to assess and treat the underlying causes of challenging behavior, to cultivate family reunification and communication, and to help establish and develop strong self-esteem in the young residents we serve.

Ironwood’s Therapeutic Model

Enrichment Programs

Sparking New Interests and Self-Discovery

Ironwood Maine offers a multitude of activities such as equestrian lessons, art, music, cooking, horticulture, hiking, life skills training, team-building exercises, one-on-one tutoring, individual and family therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT),  substance use and recovery group therapy, social skills groups, and visits from guest mentors.

Dinner preparation begins at 4:30 p.m. After dinner, teens participate in clean-up and evening farmhouse and barn chores. In the evenings, residents may sometimes choose how to spend their free time. Quiet time begins at 8:00 p.m. as residents take showers, read, write letters, and journal, followed by bedtime at 9:00 p.m.