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Professionals Choose Ironwood
Professional educators and clinicians choose Ironwood for many different reasons. Therapists appreciate the level of clinical competence and variety of clinical services. Ironwood therapists are trained in various forms of clinical modalities, including family systems, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), addictions, relapse prevention, cognitive behavioral and animal-assisted therapy. Our multi-disciplinary treatment teams meet regularly to collaborate and ensure each child reaches their potential. Therapists follow up with families long after graduation from the program and provide parents ongoing resources to improve parenting skills.

Educators appreciate the comprehensive course offerings, credit rehabilitation, and improved academic performance demonstrated by students. These improvements begin upon admission to Ironwood and start with each student’s evaluation, understanding and maximizing their learning style. Additional tests and evaluations are given to identify learning challenges and academic proficiency.
Therapists Successful in Healing Troubled Teens

Intensive therapy is the foundation of Ironwood’s success in working with troubled and underachieving teens. Ironwood offers each teen a customized, highly structured treatment plan with intensive daily counseling, group sessions, family therapy, support groups, satisfying physical work, adventure-based experiences, and a wide range of special interest programs including canine and equine. At Ironwood, therapy is founded on the basis of relationships – relationships of trust, truthfulness, confidence and humor. When students are willing to engage in a trusted therapist – then learning, change and growth can begin.

Unlike other facilities, intensive therapeutic interventions are the mainstay of Ironwood's 24- to 36-week treatment program. Ironwood's trained clinicians utilize a customized approach involving various forms of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and horse therapy or equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP). Ironwood’s licensed therapists have a broad range of experience and expertise. From substance abuse counseling to our renowned animal-therapy program, Ironwood’s skilled therapists are both current and competent, and intensive therapy gets results.

Animal Therapy and Troubled Teens – a Perfect Match

Ironwood’s staff use animals not only as a recreational feature of the program but also as a therapeutic tool to help teens deal with deeper emotional issues. Certified instructors and therapists engage young people in simplistic to complex activities with animals to address various therapeutic goals identified by the treatment team. Students learn to assess their own communication, coping skills, anger, caring and attachment issues through caring for, playing and interacting with Ironwood’s horses, dogs, alpacas and other farm animals. Ironwood’s nationally renowned equine and dog therapists lead students on an introspective journey about relationships, responsibility, values and behavior. Students experience a host of ‘aha’ moments as they see themselves interacting with animals in new and enlightening ways. They see their families and family members in a new light and develop skills to better assist them in communication, handling frustration and anger, and expressing and receiving love.

Customized Academics That Works: Teens Advance 1 Full Grade Level

Ironwood’s academic program is customized to each individual student and boasts an impressive curriculum. Upon arrival, students are given a comprehensive learning style analysis that assists them to both recognize and manage their learning style. Empowered with this new understanding allows students to both advocate for their learning needs while being able to maximize their learning potential.

The vast array of courses coupled with both AP and remedial level gives students the greatest opportunity for academic success. Most Ironwood teens advance one full grade level during their 24- to 36-week program. In fact, most students are able to earn more credits than usual because they have discovered a new satisfaction and purpose for learning. This desire for learning coupled with our personalized attention to each student provides the support they need to stay focused for the future. Considering that many of our students have not done well academically before coming to Ironwood, it is impressive that over 90% are planning to attend college after completing their program at Ironwood.

What Parents Say About Ironwood

One of our best practices is to constantly evaluate what we do and how we do it. As you can see, our track record is something we are especially proud of, while at the same time we constantly seek to improve upon our success.

Has your child's self-esteem improved?
100% said Yes
Has your child's ability to manage moods improved?
100% said Yes
Has your child's ability to communicate appropriately improved?
100% said Yes
Has your child's ability to maintain sobriety improved?
92% said Yes
Has your relationship with your child improved?
94% said Yes

Ironwood is proud of our teen success stories, and we would like to share just a few letters we've received from parents.

Read parent testimonials here.

Watch video, Parents Share Their Teen's Experiences at Ironwood.

Our Therapeutic Approach Heals Troubled Teens

Ironwood recognizes that each student is unique and so is our approach. Because we seek to personalize each student’s therapeutic, academic and recreational experience, our students see that we care and are trustworthy of their confidence and respect. We can rescue teens from self-defeating behaviors and thought patterns by first creating relationships that allow our students to address and work on issues previously ignored. These relationships are the pathway to emotional growth and academic success. Teens come to Ironwood seeking help with any one of the following common issues such as low self-esteem, insecurity, sadness, low motivation, manipulation, relationship problems, drug or alcohol abuse, lack of purpose or direction and academic underperformance. Our history of dealing with teens and their varied issues is our legacy… a legacy of success.

Read comments from returning Ironwood graduates in our Mentor Blog.

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