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Young Adult Program

Ironwood developed the Young Adult Program in response to the need for ongoing, structured support for emerging young adults ages 16-22. Our experience and research has found that this segment of the population benefits tremendously from a variety of significant measures to encourage and enhance continued growth in their lives. Our team has put together a program that we believe will be considered a model of excellence for residential transitional programming.

Our approach is individualized, holistic, and strength-based. The Young Adult Program is intended to inspire core confidence, authentic passions, motivation, and the desire to pursue a significant purpose in life. We explore individual tendencies, talents, and strengths by providing life experiences, scheduled enrichment activities, educational and vocational options, regular physical activities, volunteer community involvement, life management skills development, self-assessment tools, as well as weekly individual and group counseling opportunities. The minimal length of stay is 3 months, entry points are September/October, January/February and May/June, with some flexibility. Residents are welcome to stay up to 2 years.

Individualized service programs (ISP) include the development of long and short term goals to be identified in three core areas: educational/vocational, life management and psychological support. Individual service plans will be developed for each resident using information on their application, transcripts, standardized tests, evaluations, and interviews with both the resident and their families. Students will be offered unique opportunities within the community to develop life skills, increase self-confidence and personal autonomy, through volunteer placements to employees, coursework (both high school and college level courses are available), the cultivation of positive peer support with social skill and relationship building, participation in enrichment programs such as art, horseback riding, music, theater, culinary arts and animal training, in addition to participating in community sports teams, attending sporting and cultural events, skiing, swimming and sailing, yoga and meditation. Life management skills promoting wellness, good nutrition and exercise plans, laundry and personal hygiene, in addition to budget management and financial planning, are all part of the Young Adult Program.

Required coursework for the residents of the Young Adult Program include Character Development and Leadership created by Dr. Joe Hoedel. This curriculum will be introduced with a series of 10 lessons, every 3 months, emphasizing and strengthening core character traits. In addition, SmartGeorge, a financial planning course for young adults, created by Daniel Scheerer, will be taught in 8-12 hour sessions, with ongoing mentoring, where young adults will learn the value, skills and challenges of building a financially successful life. In addition, all residents will undergo a career inventory to help identify and direct residents toward their natural, most authentic interests.

Residents are expected to hold a stable and consistent standard of behavior, before being accepted into the program. The Young Adult Program requires a willing, collaborative spirit, free from substances and ready to engage in growth, upon arrival. Residents with previous addiction issues are welcome to apply. These students will be required to sign a sobriety contract, attend support groups and see a counselor, weekly, as part of our program. Substance use in any form is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. Residents managing issues, such as depression, anxiety, attention and organizational challenges are also welcome to apply. We require those students utilize our Clinical Support Services as an adjunct to the overall program.

Admission to this program is selective and begins with an inquiry either by email to or by calling our main office at 1-877-496-2463, where Admissions Counselors are available to answer your questions. Monthly tuition is $7,500. Tuition includes room and board, all programming and educational costs and any clinical services, if needed, while a student is in residence. Please inquire for details on payment plans and possible financing strategies. Limited partial scholarships and sponsorships are available to residents who require assistance.

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