November 24, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

Hard to believe we’re approaching December, but we’re reminded of the time of year as we awakened to a light covering of frost on our fields and forests. Temperatures are coming to more normal levels with the past two nights hitting the low 20’s. Our Beaver and Admin Ponds had a skim coating of ice yesterday as the ponds and swamps buckle up for the long winter.

It always is a difficult week for the residents as they come off the Family Weekend. However, they all rallied well, thanks in most part to our very dedicated and professional staff. It was truly amazing yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, to see what staff put together for the kids. Sausage Biscuits Gravy, Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns started the day at both campuses. Actually, there was over 20 pounds of Sausage and Bacon and 15 dozen eggs that hit the fry pans yesterday. After chores and clean up, the campuses got together at the Farmhouse Barn and grounds for comradery and activities. A robust and exhausting round of Dodge Ball took place in the indoor arena. We took so many pictures the camera’s had to retired and re-charged so we’d have their use for the evening.

I polled a few of the kids this morning from both campuses and asked them in a one word answer, “tell me about your IW Thanksgiving?”…Exciting, Extravagant, Relaxing, Fun, Thankful, Wonderful, Majestic, Bad, Enthusiastic, Good, Hungry, Togetherness, Filling, Meaningful, Superb, Eventful, Joyous and Yummy. Well, there you have it! Being away from family on the holidays is very, very difficult for the resident and the family. Please know that they are in great hands and our staff is absolutely amazing when it comes to filling these emotional voids.

After these activities, which took us till darkness, all residents gathered at the Farm House school house for an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving Feast. Six Turkeys and over 60 pounds of Potatoes spearheaded a meal that was filled with joy, thanks, and good spirits. The energy was electrifying. The movie “Elf” was enjoyed by both campuses in the evening. Again, the time and commitment of our Direct Care staff never ceases to amaze me! We are blessed.

Farmhouse residents have left campus this morning, after chores of course, and have gone Ice Skating in Rockport (indoor rink, not that cold yet). Frye residents have loaded up the day packs and are off in the woodlands of Ironwood picking out Christmas Trees and gathering wreath tips…truly a lifetime memory.

Here’s hoping you had a very nice Thanksgiving. We feel especially blessed to have your child with us. Thanks very much.

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November 17, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

While our campus is busy with activity at this moment due to the family weekend events, rest assured that our “new comer’s” are being well taken care of. We are very proud of, and have great confidence in all our employees, particularly, those staff who spend this time with group of residents who are in their contemplative stages of their journey.

The “new comers” jumped in to their mini barn chores, followed by regularly scheduled school time. Things were slowed down a bit with a Pizza lunch…with all the sausage available that could be supported through the laws of physics…cooked on an open fire, served up from the tailgate of one of our four wheel Drive Kawasaki Mule ATV’s. Tomorrow? They will attack the mini barn chores, the group expressed an interest in going on a hike to the Beaver Pond or, maybe our Sugar Orchard site for a bit of respite and relaxation.

In addition, staff Alex and team has planned to conquer some residents “cooking over a fire” experiential goal, along with some roasted Marshmallows…free time…musical instruments, and board games…and the evening to be capped off by the residents opting to spend time at the “mini barn” with the very special residents of their campus…the Mini Equines…

Thanks so much for allowing you child to be part of our lives….

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November 10, 2017

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Ironwood Update

Yes. It happened. A bit sooner than we wanted, but it comes with this transition from fall to winter; it snowed last night! Not much, but a cold front came roaring down from the Canadian North and delivered a smattering of the white stuff. As I scribe this at the Farmhouse dining room table I can see the White Board, used for critical communication, and someone wrote “Important Announcement- Sasha made her first snowball!!!!.” Thus is the joy that comes with one’s first and sometimes only Maine fall/winter. So telling however of the mystical yet, incredible, change of seasons. What were beautiful lush green forests and fields have given way to the beauty of autumn and now the grey slumber of winter has settled in. As noted, a cold front from our Canadian neighbors roared through last night, and along with the squalling snow, cold, frigid winds are whipping across the hills and valleys today. Fears of power outages persist, but as noted last week, we are prepared.

The time from fall to winter is physically evidenced not just by the weather, but by the length of daylight and the level and type of activities we engage in. Winter preparations are the predominant chores and the never ending wind has required us to be diligent in tree/limb removal, clearing pathways and buckling down things that may blow away. As our fields become dormant and ready to be under snow for the next 3 months we have “dressed” them down with tons of Organic fertilizer so they’ll jump at the first sign of spring melt and the warming sun of April/May. Much of the garden is completely harvested with the winter prep and spring readiness work taking place now. Our Greenhouse has withstood everything Mother Nature could throw at it and stands like a beacon and harbinger of warmer weather during the long cold winter. We should be receiving some final harvest reports this week and the Horticulture Group will be harvesting forest greens for wreaths and holiday decorations.

The Farmhouse residents enjoyed a day at the YMCA Sunday. Free time rules the day with swimming, basketball, and lap pool. It is a great relaxing time after a long week of Ironwood living. Exercise remains a daily event with some of the colder mornings seeing our groups in the indoor arena for a brisk early morning workout. We are at a “transition” point at the FH right now. A “transition” time is when the groups are going from one activity to another. We just transitioned from school to lunch and am now preparing to transition as a group goes to music group and the non-musicians prepare to launch a mini field trip to the Waldo County Animal Shelter. They will be volunteering with the staff in caring for some of their K-9 friends.

Farmhouse residents will be attending the Veteran’s Day ceremony tomorrow morning at 11AM at the Freedom Veteran’s Park in nearby Freedom, Maine. There will be the bell tolling at 11AM in remembrance of the end of WWI, the bell will ring at exactly 11AM on the 11th day of the 11th month. This will be followed by a few words from local dignitaries including Senator Susan Collins, Maine. Our kids will be making some banana bread this afternoon to bring for the celebration after. It will be a great history lessons for our kids and will allow them to see a memorial celebration in a very small New England community.

Oh, and in the event you haven’t been made aware by your child, Family Weekend is next weekend! This place is a literal bee-hive of excitement and activity as they all anticipate such a wonderful weekend. And for our staff, equal levels of excitement and anticipation for not only meeting all of the families that the children talk about so much, but for the children as they work so hard to be the people that they can be for themselves and for their families.

Thanks for allowing your child to be part of our lives, have a great week, and we’ll see you all Friday…

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November 3, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

Oh my, by now you must’ve heard of the damage that the weather event had on us here in the Northeast. We can’t call it a hurricane because it had no name and it seemingly came out of nowhere but the winds that we sustained on Sunday into Monday can only be defined as “pretty severe”. Still, thousands of homes and businesses remain without power, but the last 24 hours has seen some significant relief in power re-connection.

Our campus is consistently self-sufficient. Except for the Yurts at Frye, our campus is energy self-sufficient with very adequate back-up power sources in the way of stand-alone generators. These units are exercised every month and serviced twice a year to ensure smooth running in the event of emergencies of which we’re experiencing now. Also, they operate on an automatic switching system, igniting the power plant as needed. Once the outside power source ceases to function, our system kicks in and it is really very seamless from the power company to generator. Fortunate for us the post storm weather has been extraordinarily mild with day time highs into the 60’s making the “no heat” portion of the Yurts far less of an issue. The Yurts heat quite well with sunlight, acting as a greenhouse of sorts, so the flow of the day has gone pretty smooth. As of this writing, we remain without power, but should be hooked back today. And if not, the old stand-by generators are doing their job quite well.

Last week’s Fall Festival was a huge hit. There was ample fun, frivolity and food for all. The FH residents went to the Town of Jackson “Trunk or Treat”, and not only participated as “gatherers” of treats, but staff and residents decorated the back of one of our vans and set up as a resident “trunk” in the parking lot of the Jackson Town Office and dispensed candy to the many local youngsters who came. For those of you who are not aware of the “Trunk or Treat phenomena, it is an answer to those of us who live in rural areas with young children and the idea of travelling sometimes a mile between houses is an obstacle to Halloween participation. Local residents gather in one pre-determined location, decorate the “trunks” or rear of their vans, suv’s and then wait for local kids to come to the location and travel from trunk to trunk gathering treats. It is a lot of fun, and our kids did a great job in delivering and receiving treats!

Because of the warm October (the warmest on record for Coastal Maine) we were able to extend our non-covered garden season. We are still harvesting lettuce, tomatoes, onions, leeks, cabbage and chard. Next week we will begin shifting to the cooler weather groups and will be putting out plants and getting the garden, greenhouse and raised beds ready for winter. This will entail composting plant debris, digging up tubers, drying herbs and saving seeds for next year’s planting. We do not take the winter off in the horticultural department with classes being conducted on sustainability. Each resident will be applying sustainable activities upon returning home; among them, composting, food waste, backyard gardening, energy efficiency, alternative transportations. And we’re also taking an opportunity to have the resident play a part in sharing ideas on how IW can become more “sustainable” over the next few years. The horticultural group will also be conducting a “food study”. Smaller groups will track certain food items routinely used on campus and trace it back to its origins and create a poster to share with all. Most exciting however, is the planning for “Maple Sugar” season and next year’s garden (to begin in February) has begun! Oh, and the 4 Apple trees that were donated by a resident’s family have been planted at a site next to the Farmhouse in a locale that will be expanded to take more fruit trees in the years to come.

At a time when the outside world seems to be dealing with all of the traumas of calamity and day to day survival, things at IW have a way of just chugging along. Through careful planning and highly trained staff we are prepared to weather most any storm that Mother Nature throws at us. At times, it is business as usual as we simply navigate our way through these times. Know that your child is in good hands.

Thanks so much for allowing you child to be part of our lives. Have a great week, from a powerless but energized Ironwood.

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October 27, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

I was talking to a few of the residents from Florida today and they were marveling at the absolutely spectacular autumn colors. Most impressive and memorable is they never witnessed anything like it before and were openly admitting that they were very happy to be witnessing such an incredible view. Yes, we are at what one would consider peak/post peak foliage still this week. However, true to the season, the last two day’s 40-50 mph winds and driving rains have hastened that slow transition to the dark browns and gray of late autumn.

Twice a year we take a day, yes a day off! Off from school, off from groups, off from most everything and we gather as a campus for a seasonal celebration. Those two days are the annual Spring Fling and this Friaday’s Fall Festival! Our day is filled with games, face painting, activities, and campus comradery. These are the only two days a year where we actually have the campus’ co-mingle in teams for the competitions and festivities. The day begins with staff being given their teams and schedule of events. All activities are held in the Farmhouse campus area. As noted, face-painting, art, equine obstacle course, physical obstacle course, basketball shooting( a game of “Ghost”), Photo Booth, and as always, a robust game of Dodgeball. The day will wrap up around dusk with a special time of “scary story” telling and then a robust Harvest Supper at the Farmhouse School.

The Farmhouse kitchen is wafting with the aroma of Apple Roasted Pork, which has been in the Oster Slow Cookers all day. Complimenting such an incredible entrée will be fresh Cabbage and Salad from the Farmhouse Garden. And of course, there will be desserts…many varieties…all home made by the kids. After a day of fresh autumn air, robust activities and incredible foods, there is only one thing that will be remaining to round out such a day…a very good night’s sleep after a very good day.

It is really a warm and beautiful sight to see teenagers ranging from 14-18 years of age outside, on an autumn day in Maine…just being kids! Thanks so much for allowing your child to be part of our lives…have yourself a grand and “spooky” weekend…

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September 22, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

We are beginning to see the slight transition to color with our campus foliage and that is a signal that change is right around our corner.  How appropriate with all that goes on with our residents (your children) who are living here, these days.  Coming to terms with change and accepting this natural happening in our world requires internal growth and wisdom that is often found and developed through surprise and a maturing response to struggle.  It’s safe to say that all connected to Ironwood can relate to personal experiences that have been different from what was expected.  “The becoming of something different” is the definition of change and when that change is unexpected and perhaps unwanted, the learning of how to respond well becomes a most valuable human tool.

There are several reasons why we resist change, but a few of the most common revolve around fear, trust and misunderstanding.  We focus much of our time at Ironwood around the processing of these “top three” and it’s quite wonderful to see resident’s growth and empowerment when their “change skills” expand.  Practice and repetition in things like:  seeking advice, slowing down the need to react, avoiding disconnection, considering alternative perspectives and forgiveness can all help in the development of resilience and stamina.  So many Ironwood residents have come so far in relatively short periods of time and it’s a great help when family members support the process.

Ironwood is a very busy place these days and there is very little free time.  Our planned off site field trips are a means to kick back some and escape the usual hustle. Yesterday, the Farmhouse group attended the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine.  This is a very popular event for our upper campus residents and revolves around organic farming and agriculture.

Our two campus gardens continue to deliver high quality produce and yesterday, I pulled up a few of the largest red onions that I have ever seen.  Cantaloupe sized pumpkins are transitioning from green to orange, the dahlias are in full bloom and our sunflowers heads are  losing their ability in tracking the sun, due to their heavy weight and old age.  For those of you who don’t know the term to describe how the sunflower head tracks the sun…it’s HELIOTROPISM.  Perhaps a winning Final Jeopardy answer on an upcoming episode?!  As the sunflower tires and runs out of energy, the head will typically end the journey, facing east.

We currently have a great group of kids on our beautiful campus, who are transitioning toward better lives.  Thank you for putting your trust in Ironwood and we hope you have a restful weekend.

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September 15, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

Well there, a deep sigh of momentary rest as the activities surrounding Family Weekend wrapped up. While the Frye families said good-bye on Saturday night, after a wonderful meal together, the Farm House residents trickled in through Monday. There is always such deep anticipation and emotion going into Family Weekend and there is, at times, an equal amount of opposite emotion as we conclude the weekend.

We are duly prepared, with the Frye Sunday being a day of rest, contemplation, naps, maybe a hike and good food. Each resident is allowed to process the “in the moment” emotion as some have just spent 2 days with their family that they have not seen for 1-3 months. It is not uncommon for Direct Care Staff to spend much one on one time with residents as they work through the days following Family Weekend. There is also an air of quick re-engagement as there remains much work to be done. It is not uncommon for us to see a surge in resident’s willingness to engage in their program to get to the ultimate goal of family reunification…

Farmhouse residents had returned by Monday morning, and we had some very tired Ironwoodians on our hands. There was no FH school Monday so this was a great day to re-group and rest up. There was much cleaning and storing of items used over the weekend and the schoolhouse which catches the bulk of family activity got a nice deep clean.

The routine of good exercise, along with eating and work, remains a focus with the regimen of Frye Loop run, strength station circuits, and soccer being enjoyed this week. The resident’s schedules on both campuses is very busy, yet we do all we can to be certain that physical exercise and activity remains a vital part of their daily routines. And after an emotional weekend like Family Weekend there is nothing like some of the fresh September air to reset the internal engine back to work mode.

You all had an opportunity to see and enjoy the bounty of our beautiful gardens. The outdoor meal really was exquisite. What made this experience so very unique is that the planning and preparation of the event came from within our own staff’s strengths. Couple that with the cultivation, care and growth of the garden coming from staff and residents, well, made this a true family meal for all to enjoy on our beautiful campus. Our staff is amazing. And the residents worked so very hard all spring/summer to have the garden as bountiful as it is was for all of us to enjoy last weekend. Important to note that we will continue to harvest from the garden for the next 2 months to come! Hey, maybe we’ll have some fresh veggies for the next Family Weekend?

The FH residents are off to the Common Ground Country Fairgrounds in Unity this afternoon to assist in volunteer efforts of setting up for one of the most unique Organic, Country Living Fairs in the North Eastern United States. The Fair is actually next weekend and the 3 day event will see as many as 40,000 attendees enjoy the culture and history of organic farming and living here in Maine. In addition, our residents will attend the fair and go over the weekend after the fair to participate in the clean-up.

Well, much has happened since saying good-bye just 6 days ago, and much remains to be done before that incredible day of Ironwood Graduation…thanks for allowing your child to be part of our lives.

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September 8, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

Wow! The first day of Family Weekend is a tremendous whirlwind of activity and emotion. Launched by a family introductory meeting at the Farmhouse School, the day is then set in motion with reunifications, smiles, laughs and yes, tears. All of the emotions you could imagine after not seeing your child for 10 weeks. After that the families head off for a day of family therapies, experientials and some quiet time together

The Level III, and Level IV residents enjoy a much deserved and looked forward to trip off campus   beginning in the mid-afternoon. All Level III’s get to stay off campus on Saturday night. A Level III with their second family weekend get to stay off campus Sunday night as well. Level IV’s will enjoy a complete 3 night family weekend with a return on Monday. Level II residents, while enjoying a great day with family are not allowed off campus for the overnight.

This always leaves the question as to what happens to the Level I residents who’ve not yet been here long enough to enjoy a Family Weekend. Well, staff, usually led by Staff Alex, take great care of our Level I’s, aptly named “Team Orange” to correspond with their Level color, by planning a good mix of activities and work. Today saw them in school for the regular amount of time, followed by a Pizza lunch cooked on an open fire, then a hike with the Frye mini horses. After exercising the small equines, productive time and hikes up to the Totem pole take up much of their afternoon. Tomorrow will see another day of activities, some hiking, all will complete their “cooking over an open fire goal” with Hot Dogs and Grilled Onions on the menu….and some fun outstanding outdoor fun in the woods and field of our campus. Early fall is a great time for exploration and they will be seeing a lot of the area hiking, reading, and writing…never a dull moment.

Thanks for allowing your child to be part of our lives.

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September 1, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

Well, it’s here. September. Hard to believe that this wonderful summer is wrapping up. The weather this morning was very much a harbinger of things to come with early morning temps hanging in the low 40’s. Sweatshirts and even jackets are becoming the common attire as we bid farewell to t-shirt weather. The natural beauty of our campus is truly amazing and the changes that the season’s bring us makes it that much more spectacular. Migrating ducks are frequenting the Administration and Beaver Ponds and Canadian Geese can be heard and seen as they cruise the Atlantic Flyway on their trip south.

Farmhouse residents were treated to a trip to Portland to take in a Portland Sea Dogs Baseball game last Sunday. The Sea Dogs are a Double A Farm Team of the Boston Red Sox. The kids had a wonderful time but the opposing team was a farm team for the New York Mets, and many of our residents actually were rooting for them! They were reminded by staff that they were actually in “Red Sox Nation”, but their enthusiasm was not diminished. Hadlock Field, home of the Sea Dogs, is an incredible venue, and is featured as one of the nicer “small” ball parks in the league.

The gardens are taking on the late season look of fullness and plenty. We continue to harvest beans, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce mix and cabbage. Our Pumpkins are just starting to get that beautiful orange hue. Sunflowers and Dahlias and Tomatoes have begun to be harvested. The kids have really enjoyed the garden and while they may complain about the work, they are enjoying the bounty. A very regular question now is can we make more Kale Chips? And refrigerator pickles? Can’t wait for you to see and enjoy the garden when you arrive next week.

Koconut has settled in rather nicely and is receiving the best of care. The rules for her growth are very strict with FH residents taking turns being the leader with her and regimenting her routines. The care and training of such a pup is critical as her function in her adult life as a Seeing Eye Dog will require her to be very disciplined and attentive. Kokonut joined the “big dogs” in Canine Class this week. While she mostly observed the others the girls group did engage her and she actually did most of the obstacles. She very much enjoyed the tunnel! Her activity was limited as it is very important that Koconut not have a negative experience. Oh, and she has not gone potty in the house, not once! You’re going to enjoy meeting her.

We are breaking ground this week on an obstacle course to augment our physical fitness program. To be located in the woods down near the admin field a number of stations are being built to allow the kids a safe, and serene setting for some outdoor recreation. A typical week of physical activities sees the kids doing isometrics, running, and physical strength building. The emphasis is always on the “fun” part of staying fit rather than muscle building or competitiveness. Frye loop run is always a weekly adventure as well as some timed sprints in the indoor arena. Staff makes it fun and mixes it up with routines like the “break dancers” and “pouncing push-ups”. Lunges, jumps and a robust game of handball usually finds its way into the weekly routine.

Ethnic night was Authentic Chinese food. One of our residents, whose family is from China took the helm in the kitchen, and with support from staff prepared Meat Ball Soup with Broth and Noodles, Hot and Sweet Peas, along with Dumplings and what is described as an “Incredible Sauce” topped off the evenings fare.

A group of 6 girls, 4 from Frye and 2 from the Farmhouse returned from their Wilderness experience on Tuesday and they are still talking about it. It was a bit cool on the first night so staff radioed back to campus and a tote full of wool blankets was delivered for night number 2. Nestled in the NE corner of our campus is a tremendous wilderness camp site that was built and maintained by staff. There is much hiking that is done on the 3 day trip, but the experiences of cooking and caring for oneself and others in an outdoor setting is something that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Our staff is uniquely trained to make this the best of wilderness experiences. When not tending to camp the residents have sufficient time for reflective and contemplative writing and thought. There are a number of such weekends throughout the year and we’re having some discussion of a late fall/winter event.

Oh, and in the event that you forgot, Family Weekend is next weekend…you can feel the excitement among the kids. They can’t wait to see you. And we can’t too. Have a great week, a peaceful Labor Day, and we’ll see you soon. And, as always, thanks for allowing your child to be part of our lives.

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August 25, 2017

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Ironwood Web Update

Not quite time to pull out the crying towels in bidding farewell to summer but we are one week away from Labor Day Weekend and the weather here is sure feeling like change is in the air! We had an arid 48 degrees upon wake up this morning with every aroma in our wilderness air emitting a very autumn type odor. Not that we are afraid of the changing weather, it’s just hard to let go the warmth of mid- summer. Sure, there will be many warm days ahead, but we’re turning the corner.

Not to be eclipsed by such obvious news of the weather, the Solar Eclipse was a big hit here on campus. With our expanse of sky and real estate the viewing was to our liking with the Frye kids gathering at the Totem Pole and the FH kids off the back porch of the Farmhouse. The preparation for the eclipse lasted 4 times as long as the eclipse itself! Staff at Frye gathered pizza boxes at the local Morrill General Store and fashioned them with peep holes for the sun to come through and display on the inside of the box where a white piece of paper was place to view the reflection of the eclipse. Viewing could then be achieved without looking at the sun.

In addition, the boxes were individually decorated with hand drawn art work, complete with moons, stars, spaceships and Martians! It was really fun to see. As the hour approached, 2:35PM, peak eclipse, the Frye residents were at the Totem Pole and ready for action. To place a little extra fun to the event Staff surprised the kids with “Rocket Dogs” as an ecliptical treat. A “Rocket Dog” is a new invention, unique to Ironwood. It is a Maine Red Natural Casing Hot Dog, wrapped in dough, and then baked in the oven! They were then capped with a triangular wedge of cheese (the head of the rocket), by a tooth pick holding the dog and cheese together. Oh my, it was all too much fun. Now, picture this? 21 kids, 5 staff, in an open field, in the middle of very rural mid-coast Maine, underneath a Totem Pole, eating Rocket Dogs, each with their heads peering into their personal pizza box viewing apparatus, watching a Solar Eclipse! If someone had just looked at the picture with no explanation…well…can you picture what I’m saying? I dare say it will be a day the kids will never forget!

Farmhouse had a very wonderful trip to Acadia National Park last weekend with a robust hike being enjoyed up Mount Champlain. After the hike in the August sun, a cool off in the Ocean at Sand Beach and small nearby wading pond was enjoyed. Atlantic Ocean temps off Acadia this time of year remain at approx. 53-55 degrees. So, our residents from the Carolina’s, Florida, and even Massachusetts, where ocean temps may be as high as 85 degrees were in for quite the surprise when they felt the chill of the water that Lobsters come from.

Ethnic Night was celebrating the country and culture of Jamaica this week. It turned to be a complicated meal but came out “unbelievable”. A good mix of “hot’ and sweeter foods were served. There was beef, onion, pepper mix stuffed into hand-made dough like wraps, looking like a Calzone. The dough was a corn meal, flour mix. These were served up with a complete smattering of vegetables, mostly peppers and onions. And with the flavor, presentation and amount of onions, there was not a “dry eye” in the house!
Canine training this week saw the appearance of Sobie. She is an aged member of the Ironwood Dog community and is enjoying semi-retirement but periodically arrives for abit of the training. And no, we do not bring her in to see if we can falsify the claim that we can’t “teach an old dog new tricks”! It is actually great to see the kids handle the older dog with great compassion and care as they walk her through the obstacle course routine. We are happy to announce that we will be receiving a new Canine on campus as we will be receiving a puppy from the Freedom Seeing Eye Dog group. Known for training seeing eye dogs for those in need, a puppy entering their program must spend the first year of its life becoming “socialized” around lots of people. What better place than here. So, “Koconut” a Lollie Breed (Half Labrador, Half Collie) will be joining us next week. We will of course have a complete new set of rules for handling and training this little gem of the canine world and needless to say, everyone is kind of excited about her coming.
Another wilderness weekend is coming this weekend with 4 Frye girls and 2 FH girls heading out to enjoy all of the wilderness that Mid-Coast Maine has to offer; right here on our own campus. I’ll give you an update next week about how it went…
Hey, did you realize Family Weekend is only two weeks away? The kids sure do! LOL
Have a great week, and thanks for allowing your child to be part of our lives.


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